What are commands in Microsoft Word?

Surely when you are writing a job or something similar, you feel that moving the cursor to perform some actions, simply takes time away. For this there is a solution that undoubtedly makes life easier, or part of it when using Microsoft Word , and that is the commands, or keyboard shortcuts.

With these we can execute functions automatically without having to touch the cursor , just by making use of specific keys on the keyboard that we are already using. If you press several specific keys at the same time, you can save your document, delete all the content you want, save, even create a new document.

This was created in order to save users time and make it easier for them to perform most of the most common actions while writing within Microsoft Word.

This function is not only available for Microsoft Word, in many other parts of the operating system of our PC we can use commands or keyboard shortcuts that take us to a specific place.

What are commands in Microsoft Word?

Many of us use Microsoft Word to carry out work, projects or simply when we want to write something . Microsoft Word commands are basically shortcuts to the actions that we can perform with the cursor, but without a doubt they save us a lot of time and significantly facilitate the execution of such writing.

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word commands or keyboard shortcuts is generally limited to copy and paste, which is what most of us are familiar with. However, this topic goes far beyond just being able to copy and paste a word, phrase, and even an entire text .

Currently there are commands or keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word for formatting options, that is, to select a font, underline, change to capital letters, among others. There are the general Microsoft Word commands or shortcuts, which are what most of us know, such as copying and pasting, searching, selecting, undoing, opening, saving a document, deleting a document, among others .

With the use of Microsoft Word commands or keyboard shortcuts we can increase our efficiency when using the program to write some text whatever its purpose. There are basic keyboard commands or shortcuts that you probably know, but there are also some that are not so basic but just as useful. You can even create and customize your own keyboard shortcuts .

Microsoft keyboard shortcuts or commands

With these commands or keyboard shortcuts you will be able to perform the basic actions while using the Microsoft Word program. Among them are the following:

  • Ctrl + X , cut
  • Ctrl + C , copy
  • Ctrl + V , paste
  • Ctrl + Z , undo the last action
  • Ctrl + Y , redo
  • Ctrl + A , open a new blank document
  • Ctrl + N , make the text that we have previously selected in bold
  • Ctrl + S , underline the text that we have selected later
  • Ctrl + E , select the entire document text
  • Ctrl + G , save text or open options for this
  • Ctrl + P , print

Apart from the previous commands or keyboard shortcuts, there are the less common but equally useful to perform more complex actions when we are using Microsoft Word.

  • Ctrl + SHIFT + F , change the font
  • Ctrl + 1 , single line spacing
  • Ctrl + 5 , line spacing x1.5
  • Ctrl + 2 , double spacing
  • Alt + F4 , close Microsoft Word
  • Ctrl + Alt + F1 , open the Windows system information window

Process to open, create, close and save a document in Microsoft Word with the keyboard

To open Microsoft Word from an internet browser through commands or keyboard shortcuts, you must press the Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W keys at the same time , to create a document once Microsoft Word is opened, just press the Ctrl + A keys at the same time.

If you want to save a document, regardless of the text or attachments it has, you just have to press the Ctrl + G keys at the same time , and it will immediately save or open the options to do so, such as choosing the destination folder and the name that it will have.

To close the Microsoft Word program, you just have to use the command that is applied to close the active window, either Microsoft Word or another, which is ALT + F4 .


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