How to create a multiplication table in an Excel spreadsheet

The multiplication table is one of the most important bases in the world of mathematics , so having a suitable tool to create these in a simple way is essential.

In this way, one of the best ways to create a multiplication table is through the use of spreadsheets. Consequently, Excel is one of the best tools to create spreadsheets that you can access easily.

In addition, the tools that are integrated into this program allow the creation of innumerable ways to organize data and information.

Therefore, we will show you the steps you must follow so that you learn how to make or create a multiplication table in an Excel spreadsheet . So that you do not continue to miss out on the great advantages that this program has to offer you.

Is it possible to create a multiplication table in an Excel spreadsheet?

Excel is one of the most widely used office program tools around the world, as this service allows any type of comparative and mathematical calculations to be carried out in a simple and practically immediate way, by creating spreadsheets in it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people use the functions of this program to manage different areas at home or work, since it is possible to even create a list for the family budget with Excel . So the creation of a multiplication table in a spreadsheet of this program is, in comparison, a simple task.

So, making it clear that it is possible to create or make a multiplication table in an Excel spreadsheet , the only thing you should take into account when creating it is that you require good use of the pointer on your computer.

Well, creating a multiplication table is extremely simple, just make sure you follow our instructions properly and be patient if you don’t have much experience using this program.

How to make or create a multiplication table in an Excel spreadsheet?

So, the first of the steps to make the multiplication table is to open the Excel program, either the one you have installed on your computer or the one available in Microsoft Office online . Once there, you must define up to which number you will make the multiplication table, although it is usually up to the number ten.

The second step is simple, you must place in cell B1 the number 1 and in cell C1 the number 2. Likewise, in cell A2 you will place the number 1 and in A3 the number 2. Then, selecting both cells, you extend the box in the lower right corner the range up to the number 10. You must perform this step in both the row and the column .

Subsequently, you must enter the corresponding formula in cell B2 to carry out the necessary calculation, said formula is: = $ A2 * B $ 1 and you set the function. Finally, you must extend the range of this cell to cell K11, so that the function covers your entire multiplication table in Excel .

What is possible to do or create in Excel?

Excel is one of the best programs for making spreadsheets , therefore, it is one of the best tools to reliably and efficiently perform any type of calculation, comparison and obtaining information from the data comparison performed by this server. .

Therefore, the possibilities of what you can do or create in Excel are limited only by your imagination and your ability to use the calculation functions available in this program . Well, although it is a simple platform to use, the secret behind the complete operation of this program is in the proper use of its cells.

So, these cells allow you to enter data that will be grouped in the columns and rows that make up the spreadsheet of this tool. So later you can add this data, create highly visual graphs, ready for comparison and of course create a multiplication table using these tools that Excel has available.


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