All common problems and solutions on Samsung Galaxy A50

Most of us at some point have been excited about a mobile device thinking that it is perfect and it will not have any problems at all . However, we must bear in mind that no mobile device is going to be perfect, whether it is an original, clone or replica cell phone .

We must know that all mobile devices are different . Although the Samsung brand has gone to great lengths to offer its users that perfect device. Next we will talk about the Samsung Galaxy A50 device, its most common problems and its solutions.

Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung brand Galaxy A50 model was launched in February 2019, along with another Samsung device that was the Galaxy A30. A particular feature that is what catches the attention of many Samsung users is that the Samsung Galaxy A50 model is cheaper than the Samsung A10 model.

This is not due to the lack of functions or limitations of it, well, the Samsung Galaxy A50 device has nothing to envy the rest of the models that Samsung has launched.

Some features that distinguish the Samsung Galaxy A50 from other models is its incredible screen, which measures 6.4 inches. In addition, of course, it has Super AMOLED technology with a Full HD + resolution. Even though the Samsung Galaxy A50 is mid-range, it has features worthy of a high-end device.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 works with the Exynos 9610 processor , that is, the latest generation. Which is perfect for running multiple tasks at the same time and for running video games. The Samsung Galaxy A50 has the Android 9.0 Pie operating system and Samsung’s One UI interface , the same one that several high-end models of the Samsung brand have.

Most common problems on Samsung Galaxy A50

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy A50, being a mid-range device , contains features worthy of a high-end device. However, like all mobile devices, it has some drawbacks , either from the factory or that tend to occur over time due to use.

As we well know, the Samsung Galaxy A50 has the fingerprint reader integrated into its screen . Due to this, many users have had complaints and inconveniences about this function, for example, that it does not recognize their previously registered fingerprints. To solve this, there are several recommendations offered by the same Samsung company.

Another of the most common problems that most Samsung Galaxy A50 have, is the bad connection or the lack of it, with the WiFi. The Samsung company is aware of this novelty, for this reason, it decided to launch an update to try to improve this disadvantage in some of its devices. Although the problems with the WiFi may persist even after the update.

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a 4000 mAh battery , which is very durable, in fact, although many users say they have problems with its performance.

Solutions to the most common problems in Samsung Galaxy A50

To solve the problem with the fingerprint, you must delete all the previously registered fingerprints and register them from the beginning again . You can also try registering them twice each in case the first option didn’t work for you.

If WiFi problems persist after updating this feature, you can try to keep this feature on so it is not needed and the device is asleep. Well, the activation and deactivation of it can generate alterations in the device’s system and be a reason why it does not work correctly.

The battery problem can be due to several factors, if the Samsung Galaxy does not charge the battery the indicated thing is to check the reason for this by going to the settings options, then select device care. Or by turning to a Samsung cell phone technician . Another problem similar to that of the battery is the device overheating.

Although the reason for this is not specified, it is recommended to follow up each time this problem occurs, so that you can identify if it only happens when we perform a specific function, run a particular application, or problems with the software .


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