What applications are used to open electric gates?

Every year, people find new ways to meet their basic needs. This is possible with the help of technology, which is advancing by leaps and bounds . From our cell phone, to be able to connect the electric gate of the house to the device. And in this article we tell you everything you need to know about it.

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  1. What applications are used to open electric gates?
    1. Ways to configure the mobile phone application
  2. Is it safe to use apps to open my electric gate?
  3. How to use the GPS to open the electric gate?

What applications are used to open electric gates?

App stores store in their catalog a huge variety of applications, each with specific functions and settings for a certain purpose. It is on this site that users should go and find the software they want . Nothing is free from bugs or errors, so if your smartphone closes programs on its own , don’t hesitate to fix it as soon as possible.

Be the operating system that the device has and the category of the app. You will be able to discover everything from games, through multimedia players, to programs that emulate the operation of other devices in your home on your cell phone. Whether it is video game console controls, air conditioning control or the electric garage door control.

The technology behind these types of applications has to do with synchronizing the phone with the gateway in the house that you need to open or close. This action requires, in most cases, a Bluetooth connection.

Any electric gate can be controlled once the correct settings are made , regardless of its location (garage, patio, etc.). The only programs that work are those that are created specifically for that purpose.

Ways to configure the mobile phone application

Depending on the app you download, some configuration will be required, the program itself may even do it for you automatically . The programming behind each command is guaranteed. So the only thing you will have to worry about is that your cell phone can connect and sync with the electric gate. Also, it is important to verify the correct operation of Bluetooth and that the equipment can be correctly synchronized with the gateway.

The most common way to adjust the connection between the two fixtures is as follows: stand a short distance from the door. From the mobile send the respective codes and once it starts to open, save the configuration in the application . In simple terms, this is what you must do to control the electrical accesses of your home.

Some good options to consider are Smart Gate and PHL Control GSM Key . Each one can be found in the Play Store for Android devices, just check that your cell phone meets the minimum requirements. Don’t hesitate to learn how to use Google’s tools to find these and any other app in the famous app store.

It is well known that the higher the range of the smartphone, the more effective and innovative the functions that we can configure . This also applies to those programs that we install on it. If you follow all the recommendations that we have detailed so far, you will be able to open your garage door with just a movement of your finger.

Is it safe to use apps to open my electric gate?

You will not have to worry about malicious programs as long as you download the program from an application store (Play Store, App Store, etc.). Anything that appears in the catalog of any of these sites is a symbol that the security of the computer is almost completely guaranteed . Which does not happen if you download an app from external sites.

Although it is not recommended, it is common for people to decide to search for applications on web pages without any prior verification . What has as a consequence that when installing them, the cell phone does not work correctly by changing some settings, or presenting failures in its operation. Well, the site where the program is hosted may be corrupted and may be hiding harmful viruses.

Not all of them are like that, just focus on finding a reliable website through comments from other users, ratings or site references. Forget the controls, take advantage of the functions of your mobile and install the best applications on it to open the electric gates of the home.

Any software of this style guarantees the security of the mobile in which it is installed, at the level of its programming. However, feel free to read about the developer whenever necessary. Remember, the first time you install an app, it will ask you for permissions to access certain mobile functions (camera, gallery, contacts, etc.). Once installed, make sure to open the app and start enjoying its benefits.

How to use the GPS to open the electric gate?

Just as you can use your device to open electric doors, your cell phone can also become a remote control for old televisions in your house. As long as the respective applications are downloaded. There is no doubt that smartphones are increasingly versatile , capable of adapting to meet many human needs.

Some companies dedicated to the installation and maintenance of electric garage doors offer on their website the possibility of controlling these entrances through an app, Bluetooth connection or mobile GPS location. Among the necessary requirements, the most important is to connect a Wi-Fi network to the electric gate motor, the rest only depends on the cell phone.

It is best to contact one of these companies. So that you can carry out the automatic opening of the gate through the GPS location and without controls. This once you are at a certain distance. In case of Wi-Fi signal failure, the only way to control the gate is through the remote control or mobile device app.


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