Great Essay About Proverb Well Begun Is Half Done

Well begun is half done is a great proverb by Aristotle.In this article great explanation and essay about this subject is being discussed with examples.Every work has a beginning, middle and end. It is only when we have done these three parts that we may be said to have completed our work. Word remains half-finished or half-done when either the second or the third part remains undone.

Now it is a common experience of life that the most difficult thing is to begin a work. Once begun it is somehow pushed to the end, it may not be in a satisfactory manner. The difficulty arises out of two things.

Our energy at the time of beginning an action remains more or less dormant and il is gradually awakened with action. Secondly, this dormant energy is not always capable of fighting with those obstacles which stand in the way of taking up a work.

Well Begun Is Half Done And Love Have 4 Things In Common

But no such ‘difficulty is felt if a working plan is framed in the mind before hand and the necessary energy is called up in time. Where there is a forethought, where there is a plan and the necessary marshalling of energy a work is said to be well begun.

Many men are ruined for want of these things. We often hear of lives of many beginnings but few ends. This happens because there has been no forethought, no calculation, no plan at the time of beginning a work and consequently no marshalling of energy.

The truth of the statement is illustrated in many spheres of life. The first charge in a war often decides the issue, the proper beginning in childhood determines the career of a grown-up man.

As the beginning plays such an important part, it has been said that a work well begun is as good as done. Physical and mental faculties must be properly harnessed and pros and cons properly calculated, before we should begin a work. Then and then we may count on a smooth ending.

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