Great Essay About Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Rolling stone gathers no moss is a great quote by Publilius Syrus. In this essay, we will discuss about this great idea.Change is the order of nature. We are placed in the midst of a nature which is continually changing. There is also an inborn hankering for change in man. Our sensations and feelings depend on it. Hence variety is spoken of as the spice of life.

But essentially necessary as change is for life, too much of it is harmful. Virtue lies in moderation and extremes are always injurious. A pebble which is continually driven upwards and downwards by current, finds no time to gather moss and soon wears out; so a man continually changing his position in life seldom comes to good.

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The reason for this is obvious. Good things in life come slowly “without haste, without rest,” this is nature’s law. It takes time to achieve glory or prosperity. But a man who is continually changing his situations can never succeed in a1 world where progress and prosperity are matters of steady growth.

Moreover, success requires concentration of thought and energy. But this is , impossible if we are always shifting from place to place. Different situations require different adjustments and too many and too frequent changes prevent concentration.of thought and energy.

When there are too frequent changes these sap our energy and paralyse our faculties. Our physical and mental faculties thus over exercised become exhausted and lose all their capacity for work. Therefore has Matthew Arnold said.

What wears out the life of mortal men?

Tis that from change to change their being rolls.

From this it must not be concluded that change is bad or harmful. On the contrary change often gives a fresh lease of life and a man prospers by it. Only the cases of extreme and very frequent changes this warning is applicable.

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