Great Essay On The Choice of Profession With Examples

Here is essay on the choice of profession is being explored.The choice of profession has now become much more difficult than it was three, or four decades back. The increase in population, the overcrowding of the learned professions like law and medicine and the ever-growing competition of the age has made it a difficult thing to choose and select.

There was a time when the choice was determined by caste, hereditary, prejudices or customs. Within a limited sphere it worked excellently well and ensured the efficiency of the professions.

But with the rise of industrialism this was changed. A large number of people is now thrown out of employment and the native crafts have died in their hopeless competition with mill-made manufactures.

The depopulation of villages by the ravages of malaria and other feel diseases and the seduction of labourers for working the mills have made living by agriculture difficult.

Essay On The Choice of Profession Your Way To Success

So a large number of people overcrowd the towns and seek service. But the scope for government and private services is limited. These are overcrowded and it is now very difficult to secure a suitable job. The communal question always increased the difficulty.

The learned professions like law, medicine, engineering have now ceased to be paying. Men now, engaged in these professions find it difficult to make two ends meet. All sorts of meanness and dishonesty have cropped up and these learned callings are not now as honourable as they had been before.

For all these difficulties a cry for vocational education has risen. New avenues of earning must be opened and men scientifically trained should join these lines. These are fresh fields and have prospects. On trade and commerce lies to some extent the economic salvation of the people.

But in many countries agriculture cannot be neglected. Still nearly eighty per cent of the people follow it. But they follow it in an old unproductive fashion. There should be scientific training in agriculture, men must follow it on improved lines.Of course it is not possible for all to take to one profession. According to his taste and capacity let each man decide; but greater attention should be laid on trade and agriculture.

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