This festival of Children’s Day means a lot to us, because we all love children. Apart from that, they are also the future of our country, so they cannot be ignored. Because this occasion of Children’s Day has come very close, we have prepared this welcome speech on this subject in view of your needs, which is quite comprehensive and easy to understand.

Long and Short Welcome Speech for Children’s Day in Hindi

Speech – 1

Hello all of you I am happy that I am getting an opportunity to welcome you all on this wonderful occasion today.

This state of childhood is very important for children as well as their parents. You all make us feel our responsibilities towards you. You are exactly like rubber and you can be shaped as you want. It means that all of you children are very innocent and any kind of wrong education can ruin your life.

This is the time when a child needs a good education. So you should learn good things in your life, along with that you should also try to learn from your mistakes because he is the best teacher in your life. Your mistakes make you realize what you should not do next time. Children’s Day is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The United Nations, the world’s largest institution, also celebrates this program of Children’s Day, but through it the program is celebrated every year on 20 November.

We celebrate this day of Children’s Day in India on 14 November, there is a historical reason behind it. This reason is associated with India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. November 14 is the birthday of Pandit Nehru and he loved children and loved to spend his free time with young children and was called Uncle Nehru by young children. Once many small children came to celebrate his birthday, but he said that instead of November 14, he should celebrate it as Children’s Day.

He believed that children are the creation of God that melt everyone’s heart with their smile. A child’s smile serves to bring a smile to all of us. It acts as a medicine for parents and teachers.

I remember the day when I entered my classroom after being exhausted from my household tasks, seeing your happy smile all my tiredness would go away. We teachers not only give you knowledge but also sometimes play the role of your parents because every child has different talent so it is our responsibility to pay attention to each child in a different way.

It is very important that as your teacher, let us not let the talents of precious jewels like you go in vain. Children’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor. Many activities like sports, dance, drama staging, national anthem, speech, essay writing are organized on this day. Students like you are encouraged to participate in these programs by their teachers so that the hidden talent inside you can come out. So it is very important that you take part in events such as painting, fancydress shows, singing, cultural events.

Now you can enjoy these fun activities organized by us. Thank you all for listening to my speech so patiently!


Speech – 2

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear students, welcome you all to this program today.

Today, this very fun day of Children’s Day will be celebrated among us and I will also agree with you that children are the best part of our society. You are the part of our country that is the basis of our country’s progress.

Children’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the love and affection of children like you all over the world. So that you know how special you are. Children’s day is celebrated on 14 November in India, it is also the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the popular mass hero and politician of our country.

This is done in view of his love for children, he was a person who brought a change not only in the fight for freedom but also in society, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of our country was a man of very high views and that woman And believed in the equality of male rights. He was also in favor of economic and educational equality in the country. He believed that the strength of our country is the youth of our country, who, with their new ideas and hard work, contribute significantly to the country’s progress.

Due to his admirable thoughts and love for children, we celebrate this Children’s Day on his birthday. It is not only an act of respect for the actions of the Prime Minister of our country, but it also makes the children of our country realize their importance.

This festival is celebrated every year so that we understand the importance of children, because children are those who are the most important link for the progress of any country. This day serves to convince us of your importance so that we can take proper care of you and keep you away from all kinds of social evil. I hope that this innocence of you will always remain like this and you will be saved from the cruelty of this world.

Children’s Day ensures that we understand the importance of a happy environment for your development, be it school or school. We believe that none of the incidents that are happening to us are safe. In such a situation, the responsibility of your protection on us increases even more. The crimes with children are increasing day by day. Such incidents can be prevented only by educating everyone in the society.

We all can do some work on our behalf to make this day even more special, like you can donate books and clothes to needy children of your age, so that this day of Children’s Day can also become good for them. We all need to do this work together so that we can bring smiles on the faces of the needy, and the God of such philanthropy is always with us.

Now I end my speech here and would like to carry forward this entertaining program according to myself and enjoy this day to the fullest.

Thank you!



Speech – 3

Thank you all for coming here on the occasion of Children’s Day, I wish you all a very happy Children’s Day. Being the Deputy Principal of this school, I extend a hearty welcome to all of you in this program.

On this occasion, I would like to give a speech in front of you on why the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is celebrated as Children’s Day. The United Nations has officially announced to celebrate Children’s Day on November 20 every year, yet in India it is celebrated annually on November 14, the birthday of Pandit Nehru. There is a historical reason behind this.

In view of Pandit Nehru’s fondness for children in India, his birthday was chosen as Children’s Day. He always liked to spend his free time with children and throughout his life he did many things for the betterment and betterment of children.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was a very enthusiastic and happy person. He especially had a great love for children in his heart and he worked hard for the rights, welfare, education and overall development of children, so that our country can be included in the ranks of developed nations. He was very concerned about the social welfare and health of the children of India. It was for this reason that he always worked for his good. It was for this reason that he was called by children as Uncle Nehru.

You should remember that childhood is the best time of your life, so you should enjoy it to the fullest. This is the time when you spend your life without any responsibility and if this time has passed, you will never come back. Once you grow up, all kinds of responsibilities will fall on you and you will lose your innocent innocence. This phase of your life also motivates you to achieve your goals, which will help you to become a successful man in your life.

If children like you are physically or intellectually unwell, then you will not be able to contribute significantly in the progress of your country. This is the reason that childhood is such an important time in your life, at which time you most need the love and care of your family and teachers. As a responsible citizen of this country, it is our duty to think about the future of our country i.e. you people.

A variety of recreational activities such as sports, indoor games, dances, speeches, fancy dress competitions etc. are also organized in Children’s Day schools. We too have left no stone unturned to make this day special for you and have organized many activities for you because this is the day when you children are free from all their actions and enjoy this day according to your They are free.

Students should be encouraged by their teachers to participate in various competitions for their talent performance, so that you can understand your weaknesses and strengths better. We want you to enjoy these joyous moments throughout your life and always smile like that.

Thank you all for giving me your valuable time and listening so carefully to my speech.


Speech – 4

Thank you all for coming here on this special occasion of Children’s Day today. As you know, this day is celebrated every year on 14th November in our country.

We welcome all your dear students to today’s event. Today’s special programs are organized for your entertainment and satisfaction. This is a time when you can do whatever you want. You children are the future of our country, so it is very important that we, the teachers and your mother, take a pledge that we will save you from all kinds of troubles because the crimes against children are increasing day by day. So it is very important that everyone understands the importance of children.

You are the one who gives us many ideas in our life. Your naivety touches the heart of every person, but still many people do not desist from committing crimes against innocent children. Crimes against children in India are increasing rapidly. So my advice to all of you here is that you should be alert all the time in your life. It is our responsibility to warn you against any danger as the school is also considered as the second home of your children.

Every child born on this earth has the right to basic education and healthcare like you, but unfortunately this is not possible. There are many shocking facts in this subject, about which I want to tell you. You must have seen many children begging on roads and traffic signals, but do you know why they do this. These things also show that many children in India do not go to school because their parents cannot afford their education. Due to their family problems, they are forced to work for small wages.

Government of India has made many strict rules to stop child labor, but still there are many people, who force children like you to work for wages. If you ever see such a situation, immediately inform the police because it is your duty as a responsible citizen of the country. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of our country and a great politician, also believed that you children are the foundation of our country. And if all of you are united then you can do a lot for the betterment of the country.

All of you young people can make a significant contribution to the progress of our country and can take our country to a new dimension of progress. This is the day when it unites us all, so on behalf of all the teachers, we wish you all a very Happy Children’s Day and we wish God for you to overcome every challenge in your life so that we can have more Your parents are proud of you.


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