How to set up your Instagram welcome message


  • 1What are auto replies for?
  • 2How to make a welcome message for new subscribers
    • 1Via Facebook (free)
    • 3Zengram
  • 3Examples of messages for auto-reply
  • 4Limits for automatic messages

One of the main factors for successful sales through Instagram is the timely response to the user to his direct questions. However, the difference in time zones often leads to the fact that messages arrive at night and a potential buyer, without waiting for an answer, goes to competitors.

Today we will figure out how to set up a welcome message on Instagram using Facebook and other services.

What are auto replies for?

The most common use of a conditional “answering machine” is to convey certain information to a new subscriber. The method consists in sending out the text prepared in advance by you to all new subscribers, which allows you to tell important information or share the necessary links to continue cooperation.

How to make a welcome message to new subscribers

So, in the guide below you will find instructions for 3 services for setting up a welcome message. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and follow a few simple steps.

Via Facebook (free)

Following the purchase of Instagram by Facebook, the developers began integrating certain settings between the two services. To complete this instruction, you need to link two accounts with each other in the settings, and also have a service page on the Facebook social network.

  1. Go to the page management section and click on ” Inbox” in the block on the right .
  2. At the very bottom of the section, you will see the “ Automated Responses” item .
  3. Once on the settings screen, pay attention to the ” Instant answer” item, which is disabled by default , and enable it by clicking the left mouse button.
  4. The last step is to change the text in the ” Messages” section and save the received changes. Also, do not forget to click on Instagram in the ” Platform ” block (see screenshot below). This option is completely free and requires only a bunch of accounts in different social networks.

  1. Go to the website go through a simple registration stage, where you will need to enter your email and come up with a password.
  2. Once on the main screen, you will need to click on the ” Create task” button on the top panel of the site. Before that, you need to link your Instagram to the site.
  3. Instaplus will prompt you to select the action to be performed. We select ” Auto-direct“.
  4. In the third paragraph, enter the desired text in the empty field on the right and click on ” Add messages“.
  5. It remains to go down to the very bottom of the page and click on the green button ” Start auto-direct“. We also recommend paying attention to additional features, for example, setting a filter and limiting the maximum number of messages per day.


  1. The last example will be the service After registration, you will need to assign an Instagram profile to Zengram, where we will set up a welcome message.
  2. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields.
  3. In the main menu, pay attention to the column on the left, there is the Auto-direct item. Switch it to active position.
  4. If necessary, set the filter and enter the greeting in the empty field in the center.
  5. If you select a filter, a list of recipient settings appears. Upon completion of the set, select ” Add“.
  6. It remains to save the settings. Now the system automatically sends letters by the user.

Sample messages for auto-reply

Now let’s look at a few templates for auto-reply. If you wish, you can simply copy any of the options below and use it as a basis.

  • Good day! Thank you for subscribing and offering a unique 20% discount on the NEW20 promo code for the entire assortment in the store!
  • Our team is pleased to welcome you to the ranks of our subscribers! While employees are in a hurry to contact you for advice, we recommend that you look at our range in your profile.
  • Hello! Thanks for subscribing! We’re glad to welcome you. Please wait, our staff will contact you shortly and tell you about the benefits of working with us.
  • Hello and thank you for subscribing! Here we will notify you about the new arrival of goods, as well as delight you with pleasant gifts and discounts.
  • Thank you for choosing us! Our consultant will definitely contact you as soon as possible. Wait, please.

Limits for automatic messages

It remains to analyze a few restrictions associated with the rules of the service itself. It is highly discouraged to set a large number of auto messages per day. The automatic moderation system is extremely willing to ban accounts that spam in the Direct.

For newly created profiles, it is not recommended to exceed the limit of 50 letters per day, over time, gently add 20 messages to the value. The maximum number is no more than 200 per day.

Now you know how to set up a welcome message on Instagram using the most relevant services that provide such services. If you are planning to seriously engage in the promotion of an Instagram account that sells certain services, the function of automatically sending pre-prepared text will allow you not to miss potential buyers and additionally attract users who accidentally entered the page.

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