How to create a welcome message in WhatsApp Business – Customize it easily

In the business world it is necessary to maintain effective contact with our clients , the WhatsApp Business tool is an option that allows small and medium-sized companies to connect with their clients instantly.

Much of the world is connected to this application, which will allow you to market your brand, through WhatsApp Business, to have a business figure.

How to Create a Welcome Message in WhatsApp Business – Customize it Easily

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  1. What should you know before sending a welcome message on WhatsApp Business?
    1. Have an active internet connection
  2. What options are there and what examples are there when sending a welcome message on WhatsApp Business?
    1. send message to all
    2. Send message to people you didn’t add
    3. Makes shipping exceptions

What should you know before sending a welcome message on WhatsApp Business?

Before using WhatsApp Business messaging, you need to know valuable information about the app to get the most out of it.

  • You should know that this tool is only available for Android platforms.
  • The welcome message will be sent to everyone who contacts you through your company profile.
  • You can configure the message to your liking, you have a limit of 200 characters, you can even add emoticons.
  • The WhatsApp Business profile does not allow you to use the same number as your normal WhatsApp. If you configure a welcome message, the response will reach the device that has the SIM registered in WhatsApp Business.
  • Accounts with end-to-end encryption, this guarantees that messages are read only with the contact you are interacting with.

Have an active internet connection

You can download this tool for free, but you must have an internet connection to use it and for users to contact you. Make sure you are connected to a network.

What options are there and what examples are there when sending a welcome message on WhatsApp Business?

You have various welcome messages, you can adapt your message to the needs of your customers and it will make your task easier.

  • Auto-response: in this type of message you can inform your clients that you are out of business hours, I recommend you put the opening hours in the description of your company.

Example: Thank you for contacting us! We’re at your service! Our office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. If you have any doubts or questions, do not forget to leave us your message and you will be answered shortly.

  • Indicating that the service presents failures: Technological tools are vulnerable to failures, it is necessary that you indicate to your clients that your system is presenting problems, so that the user can contact you at another time, and thus favor the client’s experience.

Example: Dear customer, our system is failing, we are working to fix it. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, we will be contacting you when solving it. Thanks for understanding us!

  • Answers from banking entities: This message allows you to inform your customers about the financial status, or if you have questions regarding a transaction.
  • Message that provides the client with appointment confirmation or update: You can inform a client that their appointment has been changedor remind them of the time and date set.

Example: Hello! We want to remind her that she has an appointment set for today at 4:00 pm. Any inconvenience, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Notices for the client (Alerts): How necessary it is to notify your client if their order is on the way or presents inconveniences. That’s what we achieve with these types of messages.

Example: Hello, nice to contact you! At (DHL Shipping) we are happy to inform you that your order has already been shipped, in the next 24 hours you should have it in your hands.

send message to all

This tool allows you to send messages to all the people who are in your updated contact list , and who in turn have added you. It works practically the same as normal WhatsApp, so you can send mass messages and thus inform about discounts, new stock, updates, among others.

  • Enter the settings menu.
  • Press ‘Send message to customers’ or you can create a mass message from WhatsApp Business.
  • On the Chats screen, tap Menu and New broadcast.
  • Point out the names of your contacts to whom you will send the messageor select from your contact list.
  • Accept, and press create.
  • Write your message.
  • Select the customers to whom you want to send your information.

Send message to people you didn’t add

Currently, through this application you will not be able to start a new chat if you have not registered the phone number to your contacts, which you can add with the QR option . This function only exists for WhatsApp Business default messages , such as welcome messages, absence messages, automated messages or quick responses.

Makes shipping exceptions

If you want to send a message to your saved contacts, but except for a contact in your notebook, you can configure it for the message templates provided by WhatsApp Business or do it manually, when you create a broadcast message, do not check the boxes of contacts to whom you don’t want to send the message.



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