Some web design tips for your business

A website is a great brand and marketing tool for any small company . It is also essential for a business strategy to ensure your brand, location and products are found in the search engines.

The trend in new businesses or businesses is to be your own website builder , and the famous phrase “do it yourself”, for it is nothing better than open source software like WordPress, etc.

Open software may need a bright startup configuration unless the business owner has some technical ability, so it is very simple to maintain a small business website.

In wordpress you have many predetermined templates or you can buy custom. Another idea is to create a design for your site or logo by competing in what is called crowdsourcing, with sites like 99 Designs, CrowdSpring and Genius Rocket.

For companies or businesses that want to sell online and don’t have a website yet, when building a new one, 4 should consider important ideas:

Visibility: Make sure your businesses are found on the internet by users who are searching for an online company on the search engines, maps and locations

Commitment: Saving time to customers, providing an easy way to get information about your business.

Sales: Get sales and contacts from participating visitors


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