6 social media marketing strategies used by professionals

According to Infusionsoft data, more than 10 percent of companies intend to use social media for marketing next year . But not all of these companies have a real strategy.

Here are some strategies approved by experts to promote your small business in social networks:

1. Start with a platform and build from there:

When you are just starting to build a presence on social networks It can be tempting to get involved and try to reach people on all platforms. But this is a recipe for strength, argues Rachel Strella, founder and CEO of social management firm Strella Social Media.

“We strongly recommend conservative access to social media, especially at first. I have seen many immerse themselves in social networks and then I do not keep their presence simply because they were overly enthusiastic. I do not imply that you do not review what the new websites and tools are. have to offer, but I recommend you carefully evaluate their potential benefits for your business before spending time and money. “explained in an email interview to Small Business Trends.

2. Create a unified presence:

Whether you end up using a social platform or many, it is important for people to be able to detect your brand anywhere online . I should look professional and compatible with your website and other marketing materials. So update your profile photos and / or captions with your brand. And Strella especially emphasized the importance of having a professional LinkedIn photo , rather than going with the standard avatar.

3. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience:

Building a content strategy looks a little different for every business. I will never publish exactly the same content or topic as any other person. However, it’s always important to publish things that will be interesting or useful specifically for your target customers, says Strella. Then, before posting new content, learn about your client’s mindset and ask what you want to see.

4. Use the RITE formula:

RITE is another formula that Strella uses to evaluate the feasibility of specific types of content. According to Strella, RITE = meaningful, interesting, timely and fun . Basically, consider each publication with those features in mind. Ideally, you will get at least some of these checkboxes.

5. Added content from your audience:

Sometimes, the best way to get the attention of potential customers on social networks is to republish the content of current customers . When you add content about your business to other users, it serves as a kind of social proof. I show people that other people like them use their product or service and love them, whether it’s an Instagram post from a customer using their handkerchief or the text of an online review.


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