Ways for Employees to Learn the Company Organizational Culture

It is important for an employee to learn the organizational culture, in this case the company. Here are some quick ways for employees to learn about the existing organizational culture in the company they work for. You can practice these methods in your company from now on. Let’s read in full.

Culture between one company (organization) and another company is not necessarily the same. Especially if the regions are different. This culture is conveyed to employees using different ways, the most important thing is to choose the most effective way. The most commonly used include:

  • Ceremony
  • Story
  • Language
  • Symbol


This is the first way. The ceremony is a series of repetitive activities carried out by the company with employees who try to reveal and at the same time confirm the company’s values, company targets, most important targets, and who are important people in a company or organization.


The second is a story. Company stories usually have a snapshot of significant events, as well as people, covering things like who founded the company, past error responses, rule violations, and the like.


Quite a few units in an organization use language to identify the members of the organization as a culture. When learning the language, members express their acceptance of the culture and are also willing to help preserve the culture of the organization. An organization from time to time often develops various unique terms with the aim of simplifying the description of culture, equipment, suppliers, important people, processes, customers, and products that are related to their business venture.

Indeed, new employees often experience difficulties with the kinds of special terms and acronyms made by the organization. It takes time to learn, it can’t be done in a short time.

If it is assimilated, the language has a function as a general marker that unites members of the culture in an organization or company.


The fourth is symbolic. When someone enters a different business, you will know if you get a feeling about the organization or company, is it casual, formal, serious, happy, or something else?

So the feeling you feel shows the power of material symbols in creating the personality of an organization. These things are examples of the way the employee is dressed, the position of the organizational facilities, the type of company car provided, those are examples of material symbols.

The material symbol indirectly tells employees about who holds important positions in the company, the level of equality that the highest leadership wants, and various kinds of behavior, for example taking risks, being authoritarian, being conservative, individualistic, participatory, etc. it is expected and feasible in the organization.

How Employees View the Organization

Research on organizational culture seeks to measure how an employee views the organization they work for. Does the organization encourage teamwork, reward innovation, and suppress initiative. Job satisfaction tries to measure the affective response in the work environment, for example, how employees try to feel organizational expectations, as well as various reward practices, and so on.

The culture of a company does not appear naturally among the members of the company. However, this culture needs to be formed and studied because basically the corporate culture is a set of behavior patterns and values ​​that are shared, studied, by all members of the company or organization. In addition, this culture will be passed on from generation to generation.


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