What are the negative effects of organizational culture?

An adequate and healthy organizational culture is key for a company to function at its maximum capacity. Thus employees are comfortable in their work and are more focused on their work. But, do you know what are the negative effects on organizational culture and how to improve them ?

Before we get into the topic, let’s talk a little about organizational culture. This refers to the set of values ​​or principles that all members of a company or company have, regardless of their position in it. These values ​​are usually included in the mission and vision of the company.

What are the Negative Effects on Organizational Culture and How to Improve It?

The main function of the organizational culture is to create a solid corporate identity that can be transmitted to each new worker to create in him or her a sense of belonging and commitment. However, this is not always positive.

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What are the negative effects of organizational culture?

Although the organizational culture seeks that employees perform more, creating organization charts and similar tools; this is not always achieved. Here we will discuss the possible negative effects it can have, both on employees and on the overall performance of the company.

First, we must consider that a rigid and inflexible organizational culture can cause its employees to discount growth opportunities for the company , because these seem to go against its core values. This approach is poorly adapted to market changes and thus leads to failure.

Another possibility is that employees assimilate the culture of the organization to the point that they are unable to negotiate with companies that have different values . Even once they have left the organization, it may be difficult for them to adapt to other organizations because of this assimilation.

In many cases the assimilation of the principles of the company is so deep that it can even affect the personal life of the employee. This occurs when you try to apply the values ​​of the organization in your family, trying to impose the same rhythm of activity that you have at work.

The worst of the negative effects of organizational culture is probably the loss of identity. By this we do not mean that they must protect their digital identity , but rather that the principles of the company can penetrate so deeply in the employee that he loses part of himself and his whole life revolves around his work.

How can negative effects on organizational culture be improved?

Even with impeccable principles, it is possible that the organizational culture of a company generates some of these negative effects. But all is not lost, as we bring you three practical tips that could help reduce or eliminate these unfavorable consequences.

The first tip is basic, and it consists of talking about the negative as openly as the positive. Sometimes it takes someone who knows the differences between CCO and CC and write an email calling a meeting to discuss those aspects of the organization that are not working or that cause annoyance to its members.

With this we want to imply that communication is the basis of any good organization. Errors and negatives need to be discussed in order to improve. In this line of ideas, the second advice is that feedback is given in a timely manner , be it positive or negative.

This is extremely important, because otherwise, errors can recur and accumulate, making their resolution more difficult in the future. To do this, it would be useful to create a calendar in Trello or a similar app, in which weekly meetings are organized whose purpose is to obtain and give feedback on the work carried out.

The last piece of advice is that the members of the organization be given autonomy and confidence to carry out their tasks in the way they see fit. Of course, without going against the values ​​of the organization. Lax supervision will give each member room to perform at their best in their area.

We hope that you have found this post useful and that you are able to identify and improve the negative effects of organizational culture in your workplace. Do not forget to share the article on your networks if it was useful to you.


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