Want to start a business? Let’s know about the mobile phone set repair business

Mobile phones are a popular communication medium. The number of mobile users is increasing worldwide . Currently, the number is increasing due to the trend of internet access. With mobile phones, people can easily communicate from one end of the world to the other. The mobile phone set repair business is a modern business concept.


Potential Capital: It may be necessary to invest approximately Rs 20 to Rs 5 for starting a mobile phone set repair business.

Business Location: This business can be started in a small store in your nearest market or a shopping mall. Must select a crowded place.

How to get started: This business can be managed by solving any problem of any type of mobile phone set. The shop needs to be properly decorated before starting. This will require cabinets and desks. The shop should have adequate lighting ventilation. If you can shop around a mobile showroom, there is a lot of potential.

Advantages: This business can be bought and sold in bulk by mobile repair as well as various small parts of mobile like battery , charger , caching , air phone , headphones , memory card , mobile recharge etc. Besides, the problems related to the software of various smart phones are also solved.

Why to start: It’s a simple business , so many entrepreneurs are taking this business as a profession. Moreover, it is a very profitable business. Moreover, the availability of mobile phones and the price is close to the reach of the hand, the number of customers in this business is high.

Current Market: The number of people who do not use mobile phones is very low. So the number of subscribers is even higher. But the number of experienced mobile mechanics is small. So there is a huge market for this business.

Target Customers: People who use mobile phones are the customers of this business.

Qualifications: You need to start this business with training on mobile phone repair. To find out about all the issues with mobile phones.

Potential Income: Starting this business, it is possible to earn from Tk.

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