Business in small capital: How to start a car wash business?

The car wash business is a popular business considering the overall investment. Population growth and urbanization are increasing the number of vehicles worldwide. As the number of vehicles increases, the opportunity to start this business is being created day by day. This automotive business is currently considered a growing business. This is a risk-free business idea. This business can be started with small capital investment.


Type of business: It is considered a serviceable and profitable business.

Location of business: To start the car wash business, you need an open field in a good place and ensure adequate water supply.

Potential Capital: It may be necessary to invest approximately Rs 8 to 20 capital to start this business.


Car Wash Business Market Situation: There is a huge market for this business worldwide. Moreover, as the number of vehicles is increasing day by day, the market of this business is expanding as well.

How to start a business: This business is operated by car wash at a place where adequate water supply is ensured. Wash the car with a brush and shampoo. You can even start this business by hiring a skilled car wash.

Why start a car wash business: Many entrepreneurs are showing interest in this business because it is less of a hassle and risk than other businesses. Moreover, this business can be easily financed.

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Customers: For busy people who cannot clean their car, they come to car wash establishments to clean the car. Private car owners, in particular, are the main customers of this business.

Qualifications: No special skills are required to start this business. If anyone wants to start this business with a 2/2 day training from a car wash company.

Caution: You must be careful when washing the car so that no stains are placed on the car in any way. Carefully wash the front glass and the looking glass of the car.

Potential Income: It is possible to start a car wash business by earning Tk.

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