Want to start a business with car wheels? Let’s not know

In the current world,  the number of vehicles is increasing at an ever increasing rate. And no car can be imagined without a wheel. The wheels are required to operate the vehicle properly. So as the number of vehicles increases, the amount of air in the wheels of the car is also increasing. This is a simple business idea. Many entrepreneurs are choosing this business to be relatively easy compared to other businesses. This business is equally popular in all countries of the world.

Type of business: The wind blowing business is considered a service business.

Business Location: The business can be started by using the wheels of the car near a garage on the side of the road . Or this business can be started in a small place next to a car tire and battery shop.

Potential Capital: To start the business of wind blowing a car, a potential investment of 25 to 5 rupees is required. This business can be operated for a long time by investing a fixed amount of capital at a time.


Why to start: As the car breeze business is so easy to operate, entrepreneurial interest in this business is increasing day by day. Moreover, it is a risk-free business. So it is impossible to say no harm.

Current Market Situation: With the increasing number of vehicles at this time of globalization, the market for this business is also expanding. The twentieth ^ gradually increasing the business market.

How to get started: Business can be easily started by buying wheels for fixed wheels.

Customers: Consumers of all types of vehicles such as private cars , taxi cabs , buses , microbes , motorcycles , trucks, etc.

Qualifications: There is no need for institutional skills or degrees to start a business with car wheels. Wheelchairs and wheel opening techniques allow anyone to start this business easily.

Potential Income : Starting this business, you can earn 1 taka per breeze. In this way, the higher the wheels the wind can be, the higher the income.

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