Learn more about the business of selling computers and computer goods

A computer is a calculating machine , without which the present world is immovable. With this machine we are getting the world into our hands. There is no offine in the world where there is no computer. Many use computers for personal purposes. Demand for this is increasing day by day. Many young entrepreneurs are eager to start this business.


Location: This business can be started in your nearest market or market. However, where the number of people is high, this business should be started. The amount of space in this business runs low.


Potential Capital : To start this business, it may take a capital investment of Rs.


Advantages: In addition to selling computers and computer components, you can solve various computer problems. Through this business both can be operated simultaneously. Besides, you can start a computer training center in addition to this business.


How to Start a Business: If you want to do this business, you can interact with big companies of different brands. The business can be operated by buying and selling various computer accessories such as computer caching , motherboard , RAM , processor , mouse , keyboard , power cable etc.


Why start this business : Demand for this business is increasing day by day, and the number of customers is increasing. Since this business is a risk-free business, entrepreneurs are leaning towards this business. In the modern age, most young entrepreneurs are eager to start this business. By doing this business you can easily benefit.


Marketing: Many office and personal computer users are customers of this business. Customers will not come to your shop or showroom for their own needs. You will get more subscribers in the promotion campaign.


Qualifications: General computer training is sufficient to start this business.

Potential Profit: The profitability of the business is less when selling computers and computer goods. It depends on different brands and needs. The price of goods and goods of each brand on display. The business has a profit of 5 to 5 percent.

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