Do you want to know how to prune a plant?

Many people grow plants at home because, in addition to making the environments more beautiful, they also provide well-being. And in order for it to always stay beautiful and healthy, it’s important to know how to prune a plant.

Pruning aims to organize and encourage the growth of plants, facilitating access to light so that they stay healthy and look good. This technique is very important for the good development of the species.

In this post we are going to give some advice on how to prune a plant, the importance of this technique, the ideal tools for practice, the main types of procedures and how they are important for the development of plant species.

Why prune a plant?

Many plants weaken over time and even after flowering and fruiting. In this case, pruning is essential to invigorate and give strength, in addition to controlling size and shape.

Removing damaged or diseased branches and leaves is important. This is because, when they remain, they remove the force of the plant and make it difficult for light to enter the canopy, compromising development and quality.

An example of the relevance of this technique are ornamental plants and lawns that must be pruned regularly to control size, balance growth and also for aesthetics and landscaping.

Tree pruning, whether bushy or arboreal, should also be done. In most situations, one branch grows more than the others, “stealing” the nutrients from the others, making it difficult for the plant to progress.

The plant pruning technique is known for its types of formation, flowering or fruiting, renewal and roots. There is also landscaping pruning: techniques vary by species. Knowing how to prune fruit trees, for example, will make them produce more fruit.

What are the tips on how to prune a plant correctly?

The time to prune the first branches varies according to each species. In most cases, pruning is ideal when the lateral branches appear, cutting the lower, non-productive branches.

Also, pruning is recommended when the plant has less metabolic activity, which generally occurs in winter or after fruiting or flowering. It is also important to take care of fertilization and irrigation at this time.

The tools needed to apply pruning techniques are quality, sharp scissors or a pocket knife for a precise cut, without damaging the seedling or mature plant.

The quality of the tools used greatly influences the success of the activity.

For healthy growth, cutting old, yellowed, or dead leaves is essential. Take care not to hit the good leaves or expose the internal tissue of the plant. This increases the possibility of being contaminated by pests.

Pruning must be carried out with great care and attention , therefore, the application of techniques must be analyzed according to the species, situation, available space and the desired aesthetics.

Now that you know how to prune a plant, be sure to always opt for tools from trusted brands.

The best electric scissors that we recommend for a perfect pruning

As we mentioned at the beginning , pruning shears are essential for perfect pruning, so we recommend some of the best-selling models in our store.

The first is Yatek Electric Pruning Shears .

If you need to cut live branches thicker than 25mm , these are the electric pruning shears you need, these Yatek pruning shears can cut branches up to 30mm .

Its  effectiveness has been demonstrated by numerous agricultural exploitations . A worker without great skill is able to prune with one hand  up to 3 times faster than with manual scissors .

The  quality of the pruning will also be increased  since it can easily prune at the branch, the hardest part and that many manual pruners avoid to make the work more bearable.

In a few weeks  the savings made in wages will pay off the electric scissors.

Another model of the same brand is Yatek Electric Pruning Shears / Scissors , with battery and briefcase with accessories, easy and comfortable to use with the following characteristics:

Very easy to use, ideal for pruning, with an efficiency between 3 and 5 times greater than conventional scissors.

Also you will not have to make any effort

Just press a button and you will immediately have any branches or roots you need cut , saving you time and extra effort.

Perfect for use in the field, garden, etc .. agricultural use . Also in the briefcase you can find additional accessories for your maximum comfort.

Also widely used are electric telescopic pruning shears .

With these Yatek electric telescopic pruning shears you can make quick, simple and clean cuts much more precisely than with conventional telescopic scissors.

Think that with conventional ones you always have to do a lot of force, you have to hold the mast, aim and calibrate the cut on the branch , and then make force to cut the branch, which ends up tiring you excessively throughout the day.

With these electric scissors  all that is over, with just a press of the button they already cut the branch so you can better calibrate where to cut and without any physical effort.

They can cut up to 30mm branches around 10,000 times a day with their full battery charge.

Which depending on your work rate can be many hours or days , save physical effort and most importantly save time.

Since by not getting tired, you can always go faster and prune much more ground throughout the day than with conventional pruning shears.

Remember that the use of quality tools will guarantee the necessary precision and efficiency so as not to compromise the quality of the application of the technique.


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