Kydex sheet was originally produced in 1965 by Rohm and Haas, and was designed for use in aircraft interiors. In 1987, the product line was purchased by Kydex, LLC, formerly the Kleerdex Company, LLC.

It manufactures the material under the Sekisui SPI name at a location in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylics – polyvinyl chloride materials manufactured by Sekisui SPI. It has a wide variety of applications, including for aircraft partitions, Holster Fixing system, weapons holsters and knives .

It is an acrylic polyvinyl chloride compound designed for thermoforming manufacturing, and combines properties of the polyvinyl chloride and acrylic components. Made of acrylic, it obtains rigidity and formability; PVC, hardness, chemical resistance and good interior finish ratings.

Its use became popular in covers, thanks to the thermoformable sheets in which kydex is found.

TAC-CLIP Fixing System for Kydex Cover

New fixing model for kydex covers .

It is extremely hard and ideal for the most demanding applications. This material has a wide variety of applications, among which is the clip to hold kydex covers.

The product is a clip intended to be attached to a belt or strap to carry the elements required for attaching accessories such as knives, pistols , hammers , flashlights , flasks , etc.,

Used in outdoor campaign operations, marches and / or excursions, and in general in any other operation in which users require to carry various types of accessories that must be easily accessible.

It consists of two bridges to adapt to the MOLLE clamping system . Multi-positioning of different accessories can be carried out when placing them on the Tac-Clip.

The clip is modular, to achieve complete disassembly, and is composed of non-metallic materials, not susceptible to corrosion or wear. It should be noted that one of the pieces has a slight concavity, allowing ergonomic placement, either on an arm, leg, on the chest or on the user’s back.

It has a security lock and four main holes to place the cover at an angle. Adjustable width according to the belt.


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