Leatherman: the history and characteristics of the brand

With over thirty years of tradition in the market, Leatherman is one of the most prestigious brands in the multi-tool segment. Like other companies that have gained worldwide notoriety, the company has a unique history.

In this post you will learn about the history of the brand, why it is one of the best and most notorious in its segment and some of the most suitable products for different situations.

In 1975 Tim Leatherman and his wife, Chao, made a long journey through Europe. The young couple had a limited budget to travel the Old Continent, so they rented a modest car and stayed in low-end hotels.

During the whole trip, the rented car had several problems. And on more than one occasion, Tim and Chao have also had `leaking problems in the bathrooms of the rooms they occupied. Fortunately, Tim Leatherman had a degree in mechanical engineering and always carried a razor with him.

With his theoretical knowledge and a simple tool, Leatherman avoided all the problems that arose during the trip.

He returned home thinking about how the pliers would have made his life so much easier. Thereafter, the engineer began working on the multi-tool project that would become the top of his future company.

This is how Leatherman was born

Designing the product you had envisioned was relatively easy.

However, it took Tim Leatherman almost three years to prototype his first multi-tool and obtain the corresponding patent. He sought out the top North American knife and tool manufacturers, but did not convince any of them to invest in large-scale production of his product.

In 1983, he got tired of waiting and decided to start. He joined Steve Berliner, his college colleague, and founded Leatherman.

The expectation was to sell 4,000 PST – Pocket Survival Tool in the company’s first year. However, 30,000 units of the product were sold in that period and more than a million in the first decade of the company’s existence.

Today, Leatherman has an extensive product line consisting of various models of multi-purpose tools . Over the years, the brand has become a constant presence in the routine of adventure sports and rescuers, military personnel, workers and even those who need to carry out small repairs at home.

Versatility, diversity and product quality.

Tim Leatherman’s multi-tool concept is truly unique thanks to the variety of tasks that can be accomplished with a single product.

The main characteristics and some examples of the tools that we can find in each of them.

They are appropriate elements to deal with the most varied daily situations, but they can also be very useful in emergencies.

Among the various tools found in this segment are the saw, file, scissors and Phillips screwdriver of different dimensions.

Segment for products focused on the needs of those who practice outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping , mountaineering and fishing . Precision pliers, can openers and bottles and even a whistle and flint are present in this type of multi tool.

Multi-tools idealized for those who need to carry out specific tasks in their daily work. Widely used by workers, technicians and engineers who work on construction sites and industries, as well as employees of companies that provide installation and maintenance services for the most different equipment.

In addition to the versatility and diversity of its products, it should be noted that Leatherman also stands out for the quality of the multiple tools it manufactures.

After all, it is useless to have a computer on hand that promises to multitask, but it fails when needed.

Best-selling models in our store

Multipurpose Leatherman Super Tool 300 with 19 different uses.

Leatherman Surge Black Oxide Multipurpose Tool , Ideal for Hard Work, Large Size, 21 Uses.

Leatherman Juice S2 multipurpose tool , 12 uses.

The Leatherman Juice S2 is definitely at the forefront. The same size as the C2, but without the corkscrew, the S2 features standard-size scissors.

Perfect for crafts or to carry around , this is the Juice that makes work at home and adventure outside it full of color.

The company’s confidence in the durability of its products is so great that all its tools are guaranteed for up to 25 years.

This is only possible thanks to the latest technology, intelligent design, careful finishing of each piece and, mainly, the quality of the raw material used.

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