If you want to avoid getting into trouble during your travel abroad, then definitely read these things

If you are going abroad for a walk, in addition to packing the important stuff, keep some important information as well. Knowing these information, if you get caught in an unwanted crisis abroad, it will help you a lot. Come, let us know some such important things which will help you in the solution of problems in foreign travel:


  1. If you loseyour passportwhile on a trip abroad , you may be in trouble. In this situation, you should first register a case with the police station there, as well as you should note in your diary the number and address of the Indian Embassy of that city before going on a trip, in such a situation it will be very useful. On contacting the Indian Embassy, ​​they will issue you a temporary passport.
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  1. If you loseyour credit cardwhile on a trip abroad , first call your bank and get your card blocked.


  1. When you loseyour luggageat the airport during a foreign trip , contact the airline’s help desk. If you have got travel insurance, you will get baggage compensation.


  1. If your insurance papers are lostduring the trip abroad , first of all try to login on your insurance company’s website or contact someone associated with the company in the same city. When you provide basic information like insurance policy number to them, they will send you a copy of the documents via email.


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