Wall Stickers: colorful stickers for your children’s room

We all always try to make our children’s bedroom more cheerful and carefree , without spending a fortune on it.It is a real mission, fundamental to guarantee our children an environment that is cheerful, dynamic and colorful , and that can make us rejoice admiring the smile printed on their faces!

Well, now you can abandon all your expensive painting plans by giving your child a room made of carefree children’s wall stickers : the ideal way to guarantee them a child-friendly environment, with many stickers that are at the same time playful , easy to apply and remove, and also made of a healthy and non-toxic material , made with an innovative HP Latex printing technique designed to avoid dangerous allergies.

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What are children’s wall stickers

The wall stickers for children are stickers that you can easily apply on the walls and furniture of your child’s bedroom , to cheer up the days and to personalize an environment that should always be child-friendly. Thanks to the Forestelli children’s stickers you can transform the child’s room into a real kingdom of fairy tales, given the great sympathy aroused by the many characters depicted in the stickers, and which you can even combine to create a fun world suitable for children!

In addition, these stickers for children are absolutely safe and ecological : the stickers are printed using the innovative HP Latex technology , which uses only natural pigments, latex and water. This means that your child will breathe an air free of all the chemicals released by solvent inks. All this ensuring a print quality that creates very colorful and visually striking stickers.

How to use wall stickers?

Do you know when it is said that the only limit is fantasy? Well, this is a rule that applies especially to children’s wall stickers, which you can use at your leisure to transform the bedroom into a dream environment, which your child will be able to admire while having fun with you!

Simply choose the wall stickers that most inspire you from the over 50 stickers made available by Forestelli , and start decorating the walls, furniture and even the baby’s bed with fun animals such as the cow and the whale . In addition, the cheerfulness of these stickers is particularly recommended for children who suffer from nightmares and who fear the night, since they will always be there, to reassure your child and to snatch a smile from him even in moments of greater solitude .

Finally, wall stickers are also very useful for measuring the height of the child in a fun and practical way, without wasting time behind the meter, or risking to damage the walls of his bedroom with a marker. On the Forestelli website you can choose between 2 different growth meters, the giraffe or the sunflower , both very cheerful and fun

The characteristics of children’s wall stickers

They are fun, they are simple and are especially for the whole family : children’s wall stickers could not be described differently! Applying them is very easy , and it is an operation that you can do by involving your child, to make him have fun and to make him feel part of the birth of an environment all for him.

To attach the wall stickers, simply remove the protective film, place one of the two ends and spread the adhesive with the palm of the hand , being careful not to create air bubbles. And in case you want to change the adhesive, to refresh the look of the child’s bedroom, removing them is just as simple .

In any case, don’t worry: children’s wall stickers leave no trace on the wall ! Finally, it is nice to underline how cheap the price of these stickers is, without sacrificing the quality and vividness of the images. You will see that both you and your child will fall in love with Forestelli children’s wall stickers, and you will never have to fear that they can come off or be damaged: the stickers last for years.

Where to buy children’s wall stickers?

The wall stickers are a really important resource to guarantee the child’s bedroom an element of fun and above all low cost novelties, but where to find them? We recommend buying them at the Forestelli website , which offers a really high number of wall stickers for children and growth meters: all made taking into account the quality aspect, and obviously preferring the safety of the child, who will never have to breathe substances harmful to your health. What are you waiting for? Run to stock up on stickers and give your child a smile!

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