Do you know the difference between tornado and tornado

Do you know the difference between tornado and tornado? Check out this and other curiosities about these atmospheric phenomena!The difference between tornado and hurricane lies in the intensity, speed and coverage area. Figuratively, we can imagine hurricanes as big and slow, while tornadoes would be smaller and faster.The hurricane – which, when they occur in the eastern Pacific Ocean are called typhoons – are large columns of rotating air, with winds generally reach more than 120 km / h and a diameter that can reach amazing 400 km long!You can only see an entire hurricane from start to finish using satellite imagery like the one below. Looking closely, you can only see a part of it.

Tornadoes are much smaller because they have, on average, about two kilometers in diameter, and can be seen quite close to look (note the image below). Their winds, however, are more destructive, as they can reach speeds in excess of 500 km / h, although there may be some slower ones.

In addition to these differences, it is noteworthy that hurricanes arise in the oceans and sometimes reach the continents. Tornadoes, by contrast, arise in continental areas, because when they form in the oceans, they are called waterspouts .

Finally, it is worth remembering that tornadoes and hurricanes are classified as types of tropical cyclones , which are those that manifest between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. In addition to these, there may also be extratropical cyclones, which can also be very strong and fast.



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