Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose

How to solve puzzles, defeat the Duke, Evelina and Miranda

Shadow of Rose is a story add-on for Resident Evil Village that completes the story of Ethan and Mia Winters. In this guide you will find a detailed walkthrough of the “Shadows of the Rose” add-on, a description of all the puzzles, tactics for fighting ordinary enemies and bosses.

Chapter 1. Castle (Duke)

After the introductory video, we examine the laboratory and find a note on the wall. We open the door and go through the corridor. The main character will understand that she is in a castle. We go into the first door on the right and study the note on the bench . We climb the stairs, inspect the bloody shoes and pools of blood.

We follow forward to the locked door. After the heroine’s monologue, the task will be updated.

Find the camera key

We go down the large stairs to the left of the locked door and turn left. We examine the table on which the name of the Rose is written, then interact with the hook (optional). We return to the table, read part of the diary and follow the passage to the right.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose

At the dead end on the left shelf we find the key to the cell . At this point, a cut-scene will start. We return back and find that mucus has appeared in the basement. We use the key and watch another video.

We follow the girl into the room where the hook was hanging, and wait for her to open the passage. A little later, we help her move the bag and crawl into the next room. The twin girl will say that you need to find the switch. We examine the far camera on the left and find a hole in the wall. We pass forward and again we find a similar hole. As a result, we will get into a room with a similar device, where we can take the knife switch handle .

You don’t have to go back the same way. You can open the door in the same room. Once in the cell, we climb onto the box with stains from yellow paint and watch the cut-scene. After that, the task will be updated.

Run away from the monsters

We insert the knife switch handle into the device and activate it. While the door is opening, we dodge the enemy and try not to get close to him. We run all the time straight until the next video on the engine starts. During the chase, pay attention to the yellow symbols that appear. They point the right way to the heroine. When we climb the stairs, we find a hole in the wall on the right and get out of the basement.

Take a look around

In this room, we can save progress using a typewriter. When we are ready, we leave the hall through a single door (the double door is locked). In the corridor we find medicine and examine the corpse. In the hall we see another cut-scene with a merchant, after which the hunt for the heroine will begin.

Run away from the monsters

We go down the stairs and run to the left. Having risen upstairs, we wait until the monster moves away a little, then we run forward (the door on the left is locked).

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose

On the right we will see the exit. When we try to escape, the grate will close and another cutscene will begin. Now we have a weapon (pistol). We use it to deal with the only monster in the room. On the table to the right of the front door, we select the cartridges and return to the hall. We pass through the dining room and take the cartridges for the pistol . We kill the only ghoul to pick up a bolt cutter .

Returning to the dining room, an unknown fellow traveler will again call the heroine. He will leave pistol cartridges for her . We use the bolt cutter on the door that leads to the courtyard. We immediately pick up the grass at the entrance and watch the video.

Find a power amplifier

We follow the door pointed to by Michael. On the first floor we find gunpowder and go upstairs. Here, on the pedestal, there is a vial of reagent and a crafting guide . We can combine the reagent with gunpowder to replenish ammunition . If we apply the reagent to the grass, we will get the medicine .

We follow the door on the right, which leads to the library. We deal with four monsters and run to the next wing. On the way we can find another jar of reagent .

We rise along the stairs to the left and push the stepladder down. On it we move to the opposite part of the room.

We climb into the attic and follow into the safe room. On the table, we can study the notes , save and pick up a flask with RU-option 1 .

Find the copper mask

From now on, we can concentrate on the purple buds and destroy them. To do this, we approach the flowers and press the button indicated on the screen. We deal with the first core and get pistol cartridges .

We try to destroy the flowers as quickly as possible. So we will prevent the appearance of monsters and save a lot of ammo. We go down the stairs, get rid of the next bud. So far, we are not trying to use the abilities of the heroine on monsters, this will not lead to anything. In the next room, we get rid of the core and select a large magazine for a pistol . A little further on the same principle we select pistol cartridges .

We return to the library. In the far left part of the room we will find the reagent , after we get rid of the mucus. When we destroy the second flower, two monsters will appear. We can kill them or run away.

Turn left in the courtyard. There is a bud at the top – get rid of it, pick up gunpowder . Near the entrance to the dining room we find grass . Burn the central flower to pick up the bronze mask .

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose

Keep exploring the castle

In the dining room we communicate with Michael. After the conversation, we take the medicine . We open the central door on the first floor of the hall, and also burn the mucus on the second floor. Here we select the drawn map , after which the task will be updated.

Find the one-eyed key

We go into the central room on the second floor. Here we take the reagent and we can study the paintings. We arrange them in this order:

  • Sheep against wolves;
  • Spider opposite butterflies;
  • The frog is centered on the left side (the picture is missing on the right).

Leave the room and run to the right. We follow to the end of the corridor, we find pistol cartridges here . We return and go in the opposite direction. We kill the monster and go to the locked door. We find a bud on the wall and burn it. After that, a strong monster will appear. We follow all the time straight and hide in the fireplace. In a moment, Michael will move the closet, and we can go into the next room. On the table we find Flask with RU-option 2 . Here we select pistol cartridges and gunpowder .

Now the heroine can slow down fast enemies. We pay attention to three charges in the lower right part of the screen. Each use of the skill consumes one charge. We go down to the fireplace, on the shelf on the right we find the reagent . In the room, Michael will share with us a stem of white sage . With it, we can replenish the charges.

Four enemies will be waiting for us in the corridor. We deal with them with the help of a new ability and a pistol. We examine the room on the right. Here we find cartridges , a diary and a one-eyed key .

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose

Find the silver mask

We go down into the hall, follow through the double door to the exit. On the left, we examine the room where the merchant was in the original game. We find gunpowder , a note , grass and a locked box here . Use the one-eyed key to get a muzzle brake for the pistol.

We return to the hall and follow the statues with the crystal into the room from where we tried to get out into the street. We burn the bud to open the passage. In the back room we find reagent , pistol cartridges and communicate with Michael.

We pass through the dining room and get into the courtyard. We run forward, then go up the stairs and turn right. There is a door here that we can open with a one-eyed key. So we get into the gallery of despair .

We follow the gallery to the very end. We select the stem of white sage and reagent . We turn around and run back. We find the room where in the original game there was a puzzle with statues. Now we also have to solve a small puzzle.

“The loop”.

“Sharp sword”.

“Under the water”.

“Sharp Arrows”

We go down to the basement. We immediately select pistol cartridges and read the note on the floor. A prompt will appear on the screen, which will warn you about the use of stealth. We hide from a huge monster behind boxes and columns. We burn the bud and run to the next room. If the enemy noticed Mia, hide behind the barrels.

On wooden boxes with candles we can find a stem of white sage and gunpowder . In addition to a strong enemy, two more ordinary monsters will appear in the room. We can deal with them and again hide from the big man. There is no point in shooting at him.

Behind the barrels we will see the slime blocking the passage to the mask room. The bud is nearby – we destroy it. In the room we find pistol cartridges , a homemade bomb and a silver mask .

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

We’re trying to get out of the basement. Just don’t run this time. There will be too many enemies – we destroy them one by one. If we try to slip through, at the end they will block the heroine, and she will not be able to get rid of the bud. To delay the monsters a little and burn the bud, we use a homemade bomb.

We turn right, climb through the hole and return to the room with the puzzle. We pass along the corridor towards the exit, we will see an open door here. We communicate with Michael, take a stem of white sage , medicine and pistol cartridges . We can also save progress . Don’t forget to check out the far room. On the table we select a picture with a snake .

On the balcony we find reagent and grass . We open the door to the next room. On the table are rusty fragments (crafting shotgun shells), a guide to crafting shells and gunpowder .

Find the three-eyed key

We pass through the room where we picked up the picture with the snake, and go down to the courtyard. We get to the hall, go up to the second floor and arrange the pictures in the correct order:

  • Sheep against wolves;
  • Spider opposite butterflies;
  • A frog (left) opposite a snake (right).

Find a shotgun

We return to the dining room and use the key on the book. The grate will open, and we can pick up a shotgun.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

Find the golden mask

We pass through the courtyard to the library. On the first floor, there is a locked door with a three-eyed symbol. Use the key to open it. We get rid of two buds and kill the appeared enemies. The easiest way is to throw a pipe bomb at them.

Under the stairs we can pick up a stem of white sage , reagent and grass . We climb onto the cabinet and go through the piano to the central core. We burn it, we rise to the second floor. The last flower is here. In the back room we can find pistol cartridges and gunpowder . To the left of the bud, there are rusty debris and shotgun shells .

We go down and get a golden mask .

Find the real core

After the cut-scene, the heroine appears in a cage. The merchant offers to play a game: we need to find the real core among the false ones in the allotted time. The whole room will be strewn with buds, but you should pay attention only to one – the third from the bottom left of the barrel with yellow spots.

We turn around and inspect the breach in the wall. The button is in the center. When we try to destroy it, a monster will attack the heroine.

Having dealt with him, we raise the camera up and burn the core in the center of the room on the ceiling.

We communicate with Michael, select cartridges for the pistol (in the cell and on the box in the next room), shotgun cartridges and save the game.

Place all three masks

We examine the cameras in the basement. We find shotgun shells and rusty debris . On the top floor we also select shotgun cartridges , gunpowder and reagent . We insert all three masks in the hall and watch the cut-scene.

Defeat the enemies

After the video, we move to the arena with the thug. In his chest there is a luminous point – a weak spot. We attack mainly in this place. Ammo is also scattered around the arena. If necessary, use Mia’s abilities to slow down the monster.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

The tactic of fighting the boss is quite simple: we run away from him and wait for the enemy to swing his club. After hitting for a few seconds, he becomes vulnerable. At this time, attack the boss.

Soon, a grate will open on the left side of the arena. Two monsters will come out of there. We kill or stun them to run into the opened passage. Collecting ammo along the way . From the inside of the passage we burn the bud. This will help to counter the next strong opponent.

Now the weak point of the monster is the right leg. The thug also makes a series of blows. We try to stay away and attack when the monster brings the club over his head. After a few accurate hits, he will get down on one knee. Don’t waste your ammo – after a few seconds the enemy will disappear and the next grate will open.

We run forward behind the bars and pick up the Flask with the RU-variant 3 that Michael left. There is also shotgun ammo here .

We burn the bud, direct the ability to the next thug and go around him from the back. Vulnerable spot on the spine. We make several well-aimed shots to kill him.

Chapter 2. House of Beneviento (Evelina)

We get to the cemetery and sit in the elevator. Having risen, we go forward until the light goes out. As in the original game, Mia will lose all items and weapons. We’ll have to solve puzzles again.

Find scissors

We pass through the laboratory into the corridor. On one of the drawings we find a hint: “A clogged locker, a picture on a shelf, a cluttered table” . We examine these places and find the correct combination for the combination lock. We take scissors .

  • Code — 024466.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

We return to the operating room and cut the doll with scissors. We get a bas-relief with a child . The task will be updated.

play with dolls

On the table on the left we find a doll (pose 1) and read a few notes. We turn around and run along the corridor to the door with a bas-relief. We insert it and examine the room. There is a doll here (pose 2) .

We return to the laboratory and install the dolls:

  • Katherine (pose 2) – on the right;
  • Lucy (pose 1) – on the left.

We get the key to Jimmy’s room . Don’t forget to take the dolls back! We open the door to the basement (Jimmy’s room), burn the core and go down the stairs to the well. Below we find a doll (pose 3) .

We get to the room with the bas-relief. Installing dolls:

  • Lucy (pose 1) – to the fishing rod;
  • Katherine (pose 2) – under the tree;
  • Jimmy (pose 3) – for a gift.

From the drawer we take the dark-haired doll and take all the dolls from the table. In the starting room, we again arrange the dolls in the correct order:

  • Lucy (pose 1) – holding a long stick;
  • Katherine (pose 2) – holds a torch in her right hand;
  • Jimmy (pose 3) – holds an armful of brushwood;
  • The dark haired doll is on the right.

We get the key to the electrical panel .

Find the fuse

We run to the elevator and use the key on the electrical panel. We take the card from the shield . A door will open to the right of the elevator. A hint will be written next to it: “Do not look away . ” Along the way, we will meet a mannequin with glowing eyes. You need to look at him while he is in the field of view of the heroine. If we turn away, the dummy will start chasing Mia.

We follow the back along the corridor and turn right at the fork. There is a small staircase down here. We go down on it and once again to the right. In the kitchen, we get rid of the core, go into the room and select the fuse . The light will go out and the mannequin will start chasing the girl again.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

A few more mannequins will be waiting in the hallway. We pass through the kitchen and return to the elevator. Right at the exit is the fourth mannequin. In order not to fall into his arms, we immediately turn right in front of the desk in the center of the room. We insert the fuse and sit in the elevator. We watch the cut-scene.

Go to the bedroom

Now you need to play hide and seek with the dolls. Stealth is optional – puppets do not pay attention to running. The main thing is not to get caught in the light of their lamps.

Kernel Path:

  • We run forward and into the room on the right;
  • We go around the desk on the left, we hide behind a wooden board;
  • We rise along the piece of wood near the wall on the left and climb onto the desk;
  • We burn the first core.


  • We get down and run into the corridor on the right;
  • We burn the second core;
  • The dolls will be distracted by the birdcage, we pass them to the left;
  • We burn the third core and hide behind the racks.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide


  • We get to the big room, climb the wooden boards;
  • We jump down, keep to the right side;
  • We wait until the two dolls go to the left side and run under the table to the core;
  • The cage will fall, and we will be able to unblock the path (we burn the bud above the table in the center of the room).

In the last room you have to hide from a large mannequin. First, we hide under the table and wait for the doll to pass to the right. We run through the door where the mannequin came from and pick up the stem of white sage . With it, we can destroy the dolls. Keep in mind that the charges are limited!

We pass by the doll, which runs around the trash can. We just follow her. We get into the kitchen. On the left lies another stalk of white sage .

We can get rid of the small doll for convenience, because a large mannequin will appear soon. Together with him, another doll will enter the kitchen. We burn the core, return to the corridor and follow into the bedroom.

Run away from the dolls

After the cut-scene, the chase will begin. We run forward along the corridor to the open door. Immediately after it, we raise the camera up to the right and destroy the flower. After a few meters, Michael will appear and another cutscene will start.

look around

We study the room. On the first floor we find:

On the second floor we look at:

  1. Music box.
  2. Gift in the closet.
  3. Rompers in the nursery.
  4. Crib in the nursery.
  5. Photo on the wall in the nursery (turn over and get the key to the box).

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

Use the key to open the drawer and watch the cut-scene.

Get out of the house

The game again offers us a little run. We just follow all the time forward, along the way we burn flowers and chat with Evelina. When we destroy the first core, we go back, climb the stairs and find the passage.

On the table we select a bunch of white sage . We use abilities, we kill flying dolls. We run along the corridor, burn two buds against the wall on the left and sit in the elevator.

Fight Evelina

We leave the elevator and inspect the first room. Here we find Flask with RU-option 4 and medicine . In the corridor we will meet Evelina. When the girl attacks, hide behind furniture or other cover. First, Evelina attacks once. As soon as she spends a series of three blows, we leave the shelter and attack with her ability.

Gradually, mucus will begin to arrive in the room. We try not to step on it, otherwise we will receive damage. After the third hit on Eveline, two cores will appear. We destroy them and rise to the second floor. We are waiting for the girl to move to the center of the room, and hide behind a wooden door. When she calms down, we attack.

Chapter 3. Village (Miranda)

We follow forward and select cartridges for the pistol . Near the place where the man stood, we can find a bunch of white sage . The overturned wagon has medicine . When we meet a stranger for the second time, three monsters will appear. We kill them. We get to the huge core and burn it. A passage to the cave will open.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

Search the cave

We examine the records on the tables, collect pistol cartridges , medicine , shotgun shells and a bunch of white sage . We follow all the time forward, simultaneously studying the notes . After reaching the crystal, Miranda will appear.

After the cut-scene, we follow Ethan all the time. So we will find ourselves in the arena with the final boss.

Defeat Miranda

At the beginning of the battle, Miya will gain new abilities. She will be able to quickly move (dodge) if necessary. Also, the girl will learn to absorb projectiles flying at her.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose – game guide

The tactics of the battle with Miranda are quite simple:

  • We dodge several times;
  • We absorb a flying projectile;
  • We attack with an ability (if used successfully, it will stun the boss);
  • We shoot from a shotgun or pistol.

When the boss enters the second phase, the screen will turn black and white. At this point, we constantly use dodge.

Another attack by Miranda goes like this: she stands in the center of the arena and releases a black ball. It rotates and releases dark blobs in range. We quickly dodge them.

In the end, Ethan will transfer the remaining power to the heroine. We interrupt Miranda’s attack and continue to use abilities to defeat the boss.


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