Walkthrough Resident Evil Village

Detailed walkthrough of Resident Evil Village: where to find collectibles, treasures, weapons, improvements, how to solve all puzzles, how to defeat all bosses

Watch the introductory video. Pick up your child and look around the house. On the ground floor, examine the napkins, music records in the drawer, and wine at the table. There is a list of food for Rosa on the fridge, and baby food can be examined in the pantry. Climb the stairs to the second floor and find some more interactive objects (casket, newspaper and tablets in the bathroom). In the bedroom, read the letter on the laptop screen and take the monkey toy on the armchair. Put the baby in the crib and return to your wife.

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Walkthrough Resident Evil Village – Old Town (Village)

Once next to the wrecked car, run forward until you reach an abandoned hut. Go down to the basement, and when you hear a noise upstairs, leave the basement and get out of the house. Follow forward until you find yourself in a village.

Examine houses and pick up useful items. In one of the huts you will find a knife . At this moment, the door of the house will be blocked. Find a passage with curtains and interact with it. After the cutscene with the old man, you will meet the werewolf for the first time. Kill him with a pistol or knife. In the house, take the bolt cutter , get rid of the chain on the gate and inspect other houses.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

At this moment, zombies will start attacking you. Use closets to lock in houses, boxes of flour to stun enemies and explosive barrels to get rid of a lot of monsters. When part of the settlement is engulfed in fire, choose to the central street and watch a video, after which the attack will end.

Follow the old woman to the red gate and listen to her. Examine all the open houses and find the altar with the first wooden goat in the cemetery. On the altar in the church, take the coat of arms with the virgin and study the map of the village on the bench. Leave the church through the second gate and go up to Louise’s estate. On the way, you may encounter zombies, so be careful. Enter the small building to the right of the manor gate and talk to two locals. Leave the building through the window, climb the boxes and climb over the fence. Open the gates to the locals and knock on the doors of the estate.

After the video, you can save the game. Watch another fire scene and look around the garage. In one of the drawers, find the key to the van and a screwdriver inside. Use the key as directed, then get out of the house and use a screwdriver to open the altar and take the emblem with the demon.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

You should return to the church and insert the two found coats of arms into the locked gates that lead to the castle. Walk across the bridge and enter the castle. Pull the lever by the door, after which the cutscene will begin.

You need to run away from the monsters. Follow forward to the stone bridge, after which you will find yourself in a small cave. There is a small opening on the left side of the cave. Take cover here and wait for the next cutscene to start.

Get out of the cave and activate the lever in front of the door. You will find yourself at the castle gates, where you will meet the Duke the merchant. You can use the Duke’s Shop to buy ammo or upgrade your weapons. Do not forget to sell all the treasures you find to the merchant.

Dimitrescu castle

Enter the castle and look around. In a room with an elevator, you can pick up 500 Lei. Go out into the hall and go to the locked door with a sign hanging on it. Watch the next video, after which you will find yourself in Lady Dimitrescu’s bedroom.

In the bedroom on the table, pick up the Crimson Glass treasure, and in the next room use the lock pick on the drawer. Here you will find Shotgun Ammo. Go to the fireplace and interact with the grate. After getting out, go to the statue and take a ring with a burgundy stone. Some items in the game can be learned. Open your inventory, in the “Subject” section, select the resulting ring and click “Explore”. While inspecting the ring, you can take out an eye-shaped gem that is poorly fixed in the ring.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

When you do this, the baby statue will open a passage for you. Examine all the boxes for useful items and return to the hall. The task will be updated. Now you need to find four different masks to leave the castle. But first you need to find Lady Dimitrescu’s chambers.

Find the chambers of Dimitrescu

During this quest, you will encounter common zombies, as well as Lady Dimitrescu’s three daughters. To kill them, you need to lower the ambient temperature. We will tell you how to do this separately for each daughter.

In the hall on the first floor, open the white door. This is the safe room where you will also meet the Duke. The merchant will be here while you arrive at the castle.

Go up the hall of the second floor, then another staircase to the left. On the right side of the balcony, you will find a door with a picture of a woman’s face. Use the gem you obtained earlier in the form of an eye. At this moment, the first daughter of Dimitrescu will attack you.

Dimitrescu’s first daughter

Run forward along the corridor. There are only two rooms, one of which is closed. Open the unlocked door and go to the wooden planks. Get rid of them to open access to the basement. Examine the notes on the table and pick up useful items, then use the hole in the wall to get into the tasting room.

Follow to the end of the room, where you will see three torches. One of them is suspended by chains. Shoot the torch so as to direct it at two nearby torches and set them on fire.

You will find yourself in a dungeon. In the chambers you can find useful items for crafting ammunition and healing potions, but here you will also find a large number of zombies. In any case, you need to get out of the dungeon and get to the kitchen, where the first daughter Dimitrescu will overtake you.

Killing her is easy. Shoot the girl when she is next to the broken window. The longer she stays in the cold, the faster you can kill her. When you get rid of it, you can pick up the Crystal Torso treasure.

Examine the kitchen and find the plot item, a bottle of Virgin’s Blood. With it, you can open a secret room in the hall on the second floor. To do this, insert the bottle into the holder and inspect the small room. On your way to the hallway, you can find a crate with an upgrade for the LEMI Muzzle Brake Pistol. Insert the bottle into the rack on the second floor and take the key to the courtyard .

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Going downstairs, you will be attacked by Lady Dimitrescu’s second daughter. Waste no time and run to the dining room. Use the key and open the door to the courtyard.

Dimitrescu’s second daughter

Exit to the courtyard and find the only open door. Go up to the second floor, take the castle map (main) and enter a small room with four statues. Rotate the statues as follows:

  • The horseman statue looks to the right, at the statue of a peasant woman;
  • The statue of the three peasants looks at the statue of the rider;
  • A statue of a peasant woman looks at a statue of an aristocrat;
  • A statue of an aristocrat looks at a statue of a peasant woman.

A secret passage will open under the ground. Before going down, you can go back and find some useful items (gunpowder and pistol cartridges). Go down to the basement. At the entrance on the left, find a toy goat . Here, kill several werewolves with melee weapons. Pick up all the useful items and get to the elevator.

Watch the scene with Lady Dimitrescu and enter the room. Take Dimitrescu’s key on the candlestick and open the door with it. The next moment you find yourself in the dungeon. It won’t be difficult to get out of the dungeon. Run forward all the time until you meet the vampire again. Open the door and find the first mask – ” Mask of Sorrow “. Take the elevator to the courtyard.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Return to the main hall and go up to the second floor. Go through the door with a woman’s face. In the hallway, find a locked door that can be opened with Dimitrescu’s key. Do this and take the second mask – ” Mask of Pleasure “.

The door behind you will close. Use the hole under the fireplace and climb the stairs to fight the second daughter Dimitrescu. Look around the room and find some homemade bombs. Throw a bomb at the cracked wall. Try to drive the vampire closer to the hole in the wall and kill her.

Examine the area above the fireplace and take the animal skull on the board . Examine the skull to separate it from the board and insert it into the place where the sadness mask was. The door will open, and two masks out of four will be available to you.

Third daughter of Dimitrescu

Follow the courtyard and open another locked door that leads to the opera hall. Take the Castle Map (Annex Building) and examine the second floor. Do not forget to pick up useful items, as they will definitely come in handy in the end of the passage. In one of the rooms on the second floor, find a ball with a flower and swords . With it, you can solve the labyrinth puzzle in the room with the merchant and get a valuable item for sale.

Go down to the opera hall and go to the piano. Interact with the keys. To solve this puzzle, you need to click on the notes that are shown in front of you. If you are not trained in musical notation, then you can use the selection method. This will give you an iron key with a mark . It can be used to open doors with the same symbol.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

The first door is located in the opera hall on the second floor. Here you will meet the last living sister. The tactics of fighting her are the same as with the rest of the sisters. But unlike previous battles, this room will not have a constant flow of cold air. In the center of the room is a small platform with columns. Find a lever on one of them and interact with it. At this point, a window will open. While the window is open, shoot at the vampire. Repeat the steps several times to kill the last daughter of Dimitrescu.

Leave the library and explore the Hall of Joy where you will find the third mask, The Mask of Joy . Here you will also find the door to the atelier. Read the note on the canvas for a hint. In this room you need to find five bells and shoot at them with any weapon:

  1. The first bell is located next to the stairs, at the table with a bust of a man.
  2. The second bell can be found by looking closely at the mechanism behind the wall.
  3. The third bell is hidden on the cabinet, opposite the canvas with the clue.
  4. The fourth bell was placed above the chandelier (first you have to shoot at the chandelier to see the bell).
  5. The fifth bell is not in the room. It can be seen if you look through the only window here.

Having found all five bells, a secret passage will open. When you climb the wooden stairs, turn around and find a goat figurine . You will also find a treasure map here . Before leaving this room, carefully examine it and find a sniper rifle .

Go outside and get to the elevator. It is useless now. Go around the roof of the building and find the stairs leading to the cableway. Use it to pick up the fourth Mask of Anger . Take the elevator down to the castle.

If you insert all the masks now and leave this part of the castle, you will no longer be able to go back and get the treasure from the dungeon. Return to the kitchen and get to the dungeon. There is a locked door with a mark here that you can now open. You received a hint for this treasure earlier.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

To open access to the tomb, use any explosive device on the dilapidated wall on the left (a mine or an improvised bomb will do). Then shoot the suspended torch so that it gets to the lit torch behind the wall. To light the second suspended torch, you first need to shoot the first torch, and while it is in the air – go up to the second and shoot at it. In the tomb you will find the Azure Eye trade item . Sell ​​the item to the merchant and use the resulting masks on the statue in the hallway. The door will open and you can leave the castle.

Walkthrough Resident Evil Village – How to Defeat Dimitrescu

The antagonist takes on his combat form. In this form, the most vulnerable part is the vampire’s body. While she is in the air, shoot at the body with a sniper rifle. When the werewolf descends to the roof of the tower, use the shotgun and shoot into the mouth of the monster. The more damage you inflict on vulnerable spots, the faster you will deal with Dimitrescu.

After defeating Dimitrescu, you will receive the first flask, which must be taken to the old city and inserted into a special rack.

What is fish and meat for?

On your way to the old town, you will come across a cave with live fish. From this moment on, you will find animals, after killing which you will receive meat. This is needed to improve your character. For more details, check out the Resident Evil Village Hero Health Guide.

How to get into a house with a red chimney

Find the old woman in the cave and take the winged key . Return to the old town and chat with the Duke. He will send you to the house with a red pipe.

Behind the “War Maiden” statue there is now an open passage with a two-story house. Not far from the well in the central square there is an entrance to the basement of the house. Examine the basement and find the Teddy Bear treasure . Enter the house and open the door to the courtyard (next to the door is the ” Wooden Beast ” treasure ). Go through the barn and find the tractor on the jack. Here you will also see a gate with the inscription: “Do not enter”. Go through this gate and look at the small building on the left. Inside you will find a note “Look out the window” as well as a locked safe. Combination for the safe: ” 070408 “. Open the safe and pick up the jack handle and the M1911 pistol .

Go back to the tractor and use the jack handle. Search all buildings and take away valuable items. One of the houses houses the Madalina (torso) treasure . Open the door marked and take the wheel from the well . With this wheel, you can lift the mechanisms of the wells and get valuable items.

Use the stairs to climb to the roof of the building and move to the courtyard of the house with the red pipe. Search the house. Find the winged key piece and return to the Duke.

The complete treasure map is now available to you and you can start looking for valuable items in the wells. When you decide to go further in the story, return to the Duke and open the door with a four-winged creature. This road leads to the Beneviento house.

House Beneviento

Walk through the garden to Beneviento’s grave and read the note at the door that says “Give back your memories.” Interact with the letter opening and use a family photo .

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Enter Beneviento’s house and find the elevator. Go down to the basement. Walk down the corridor to the only unlocked room and pick up the flask. Ethan will lose all weapons, and a female body made of wood will appear on the table in front of you. Examine it and find a ring covered in blood , as well as a silver key on the shoulder of the right hand. Examine the left leg and take the WIND- UP KEY .

Use the silver key to open the door to the laboratory and go to the sink. Wash the blood from the ring to find the code for the lock: ” 052911 “. Open the door and find the door to the warehouse. You will find the box here. Insert the winding key into it and place the drums as shown in the picture. You will receive the TWEEZERS .

Return to the wooden dummy and use the tweezers to pull the film out of your mouth. There is a door to the office next to the elevator, where you need to use the resulting film. To watch the video, place the tape in the following order:

  1. Film with a toy.
  2. Plushka with a book.
  3. Film with Rose.
  4. A tape with a music box.
  5. Film with a wedding ring.

Picture caption

A secret passage will open where you will find scissors . With their help, we cut the fabric on the mannequin and get a copper medallion . At the same moment, the passage to the left of the double door will become available. Go to the door with two medallions and insert the third. Make a combination of two medallions, as shown in the image below.

Go down the well and pick up the key from the switchboard . Use it on the dashboard at the elevator and take the bas-relief with the child . The bas-relief needs to be inserted into the door next to the laboratory. Do this and go through the kitchen to the bedroom. Take the fuse and run back. At this moment a monster will attack you. Return to the bedroom, hide under the bed and wait for him to go around you. Insert the fuse into the electrical panel, get into the elevator and go up to the first floor.

Watch the video from Beneviento, which invites you to play hide and seek. You need to find the doll several times. Correct sequence:

  1. In a room on the second floor, next to the bed.
  2. At the table in the living room.
  3. To the left of the entrance, next to the door to the closet.

You will then receive a part of the key . You can leave the Beneviento house and look around the garden in front of the mansion. Find the W870 TAC gun in one of the houses . There is a tree next to this building with a box underneath. In it you will find a ball with the sun and the moon . This ball must be used in the adjacent building to solve the maze puzzle to obtain the Onyx Skull treasure .

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

In the same building, find the key of the violin maker , whose house is located in the old city. In the toilet behind the house, look for a photograph of a strange bird . Examine the well and find a piece of the Medellin (head) treasure .

Return to the old town. If you find the key of the violin maker, you can explore his house and find the treasure ” Steel Hröswelg “, as well as the weapon upgrade ” Large magazine (rifle F2) “. To open the locked cabinet, use the password: ” 270917 “.

The locker password can be seen in the drawing in the kitchen.

Open the door with the four-winged creature and the embryo, which is located next to the Duke’s shop. A monster will attack you. Kill him and open the locked grate with a mark. Pick up the GM 79 grenade launcher and HE shells here . Follow the stream and find the passage to the reservoir.

Flooded houses of Moro

Get rid of the mucus with a few shots of your weapon and climb over the fence using the ladder. Enter the mill building, find a photo of a rare animal and go down to the elevator.

Run along the only path. Take the flask and run back to the exit. Open the map and look around. You need to get to the northern part of the cave and find the key to the boat .

Fighting monsters is optional. Take the key and run to the boat

Leave the cave and use the boat to get to the flooded houses. After the cut-scene with Chris Redfield, go up to the pumping station building. Here you will find the passage to the mills. Go down to the flooded houses. Beware of the huge fish as you walk from one house to the next. Push the first cart into the water and use the lever.

Solve the levers puzzle. Each of the levers has a different color. When the lever is activated, the corresponding platform rises out of the water. To get to the destroyed house with three levers, activate the blue lever, stand on the platform and activate the red lever.

In the house you will find three levers: blue, red and yellow. You need to activate them in the correct sequence:

  1. Red lever.
  2. Blue lever.
  3. Yellow lever.

Waste no time and run across the platforms

Launch the second cart and find a lever with which you can understand the flooded ship. Climb the stairs to the mill building, take the handle and use it on the mechanism. Use the steel cable to move to the opposite mill to use the handle on the second gear. Return to the station, restore the combination on the panel and open the airlock.

Correct combination:

  1. Blue, white, red.
  2. White, red, black.
  3. Red, blue, blue.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

How to beat Moro

You opened the airlock and pumped out the water from the flooded village. Now you can go down and search the buildings, as well as fight Moro. In one of the houses you can find an upgrade for the M1911 pistol “Big magazine”.

The battle with Moro will take place in a small location between the houses. During the battle, use explosive barrels and inflict damage on Moro until he climbs onto the rooftops. At this point, find any cover, as the monster will start attacking with poisonous slime.

Repeat until Moro dies. Find part of the key in the cave and combine it with the key of the four-winged embryo.

Moreau’s laboratory

Return to the first mill and use the lever to get to Moro’s laboratory. Here you will find a cache of Moro’s weapons ( the M1851 Wrestler revolver ), as well as a well with a ball that can be used in a puzzle maze.

Drawbridge (hidden treasures)

This part of the passage does not affect the plot, but it can bring you good bonuses. Returning to the square to the Duke, run towards the mountain stream and stop at the stone bridge. Go down under the bridge, use the lever and lower the raised wooden bridge. You will open a passage to a motor boat, with which you can move up and down the river.

Drive up the river and stop at a similar sliding bridge. Here you will find the entrance to the crypt. You need to solve the torch puzzle. Use the hanging torch and light the two nearby torches. When the monsters start to appear, make one of the monsters go to the hanging torch and ignite. Lure him to the torch in the next room to get a valuable item ” Golden Lady Statue “, as well as cartridges for the revolver .

Leave the crypt. Use the lever on the raised wooden bridge. Use the wheel on the well behind the house and go down into the cave.

Here you need to solve a puzzle. Climb up the boxes and push the cart aside. Raise the leftmost platform on which the second cart is and fold it down so that the cart is on the center platform. Pick up the rightmost platform (the platform by the iron door) and climb into the room.

Take away valuable items and cartridges, after which you can return to the boat. Go down the river and find a small lake next to the cave.

The lake is home to excellent fish , and in the cave you will find a large amount of ammo, a valuable item “Ancient Coin”, as well as an upgrade for the shotgun ” Handguard (W870 TAC) “.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough – Otto’s Mill (Cannibal’s Hut)

Open the door with the six-winged embryo behind the church. You will see a fork here. A path through the bushes (to the left) leads to the cannibal’s hut. If you destroy this enemy, you will be able to pick up a large amount of meat, poultry and fish, as well as the treasure “Father Nikola’s Angel”.

This part of the walkthrough is optional

Forbidden Forest (Fortress)

In this part of the walkthrough, you need to follow forward from the gate with a six-winged embryo, enter the fortress and defeat all enemies. In the dungeon of the fortress, defeat the main monster to open the way. The giant has no vulnerable spots, so deal damage to the body until he dies.

After the battle, go down even lower and take the last flask with a part of the Rose. Find the Treasure ” Guillermo ‘s Plate ” and return to the merchant. Insert all four flasks into the Giant’s Bowl, take it and take it to the ceremony site.

Heisenberg factory

Enter the factory and watch some cut scenes. Run from the monster collecting ammo and items for crafting. After reaching the elevator with the merchant, you can take a break and save your progress.

Factory. Ground floor (B4)

The factory has three floors; on the first floor, find a foundry machine and a chest with a bas-relief template. Return to the casting machine, place the bas-relief template in it and take the bas-relief with the horse. Insert the bas-relief into the special hole in the wall.

Walk through the engine room. When you get to the stairs, notice the crack in the wall. Destroy the wall with an improvised bomb or mine to collect the ” Spare (Cylinder) ” treasure and Shotgun Ammo.

In the engine room, find the mechanism where you want to insert the gear. Open the only door in this room and take the Factory Map (lower floors) . Take the gear template in the chest here.

Return to the casting machine and create a gear. Insert it into the mechanism that activates the power of the lower floors. You will now be able to return to the casting machine and inspect the operating room for any valuable items. Mainly, you need to find the upgrade for the M1851 Long Barrel Revolver here . Get out to the second floor of the factory and call the elevator.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Factory. Second floor (B3)

When the elevator arrives, you can save your progress and purchase new goods from the merchant. Go up the stairs and find the cave entrance. Walk through the cave and get to the ventilation duct. The hero is attacked by two strong opponents. You can fight them or avoid the battle. To climb up, you need to stop the fan blades. This can be done by destroying the four red lamps under the fan.

Go up the stairs and take the Factory Map (upper floors) . Move the cart aside and make your way through the ventilation pipe. Take the ball template .

On the top floor, you will see a large fan that will suck you in as soon as you get to the edge of the platform. In flight, you need to shoot at the red lamp on the fan to stop it.

Some players may encounter an error. If you try to aim and shoot at the lamp without activating the script, during which the character begins to be attracted to the fan, then you will break the level. The fan will continue to rotate at a low speed, and you will not be able to go further. Faced with such a problem, you will have to load the last save.

Walk down the shaft behind the fan and take the elevator. Take the key template and HE shells for the grenade launcher. Take the elevator to the third floor and return to the foundry machine to craft the Heisenberg Key and an Iron Ball with a Horse . The iron ball with a horse can be used on the first floor of the factory, in a small room opposite the elevator with a merchant.

There is a locked door next to the foundry, marked on the map as “Heisenberg’s Residence”, which can be opened with a key marked with a horse. In this room you will find the ” Spare (handle) ” treasure .

Factory. Third floor (B1)

Use the Heisenberg key on the third floor door to fight the Assault prototype. The most important thing in a fight with him is to constantly move and try to avoid dead ends. Every time the enemy hits the walls, shoot at the weak spot on the back of the prototype.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough

Once the enemy moves into the next phase and starts attacking with fire, it will be more difficult to hit the vulnerable spot. You can use explosives to deal a lot of damage to the boss. After the victory, we take the elevator and watch several cut-scenes with Heisenberg and Chris.

How to beat Heisenberg

Before the fight with the Heisenberg combat form, you will receive a new weapon – a jeep with a machine gun and a rocket launcher. The battle is divided into three parts:

  1. Shoot Heisenberg’s weak spots (highlighted in red).
  2. Attack Heisenberg with your firearm (you can shoot at any part of the body).
  3. When control of the jeep returns to you, aim and fire at the fan on the upper body of Heisenberg

Chris Redfield

In this chapter, you play as Chris Redfield. Move deeper into the village exploring familiar streets and destroying werewolves. You can replenish ammunition in specially equipped places, which are marked in green. When you reach your goal, mark it with a special device. After a few shots, you will be able to descend into the cave. There is another enemy waiting for you here. To save ammo, you can use your device, mark the target two or three times and destroy the enemy.

How to defeat Mother Miranda

The battle with Mother Miranda is also divided into several parts. If you have stockpiled homemade grenades and mines, then it’s time to use them. This is the final fight, so there is no point in saving ammo. Sell ​​weak weapons such as Pistol and Shotgun before fighting, as they are unlikely to be useful in this fight. Attack Miranda until the lights go out around. At this point, just run in a circle and do not get caught by the enemy.

When you reappear in the cave, hide behind one of the two megamecelium tentacles and wait out the attack. Then continue to attack Miranda. From time to time she will build up energy and try to attack you. Interrupt her attack with a few shots from your revolver or grenade launcher. At the end of the battle, Miranda will grab you and start beating you. Shoot the most powerful weapon in your inventory and kill Miranda.


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