How To Fix I can’t hear Ethan’s voice Audio Error In Resident Evil Village (RE8)

Many PC gamers cannot hear Ethan’s voice in Resident Evil 8. Is there a way to fix this audio error? Let’s find out.

Resident Evil Village (RE8) – Audio or sound error – I can’t hear Ethan’s voice – How to fix it

Resident Evil Village or Resident Evil 8 are finally available. The game has already surpassed the player count of all previous Resident Evil titles. And the numbers are only growing. Everyone enjoys the game, fan or non-fan.

But how things are going with AAA titles today. Most of them come with bugs and glitches. Many of them. Resident Evil 8 is no different. The game has its fair share of issues, with more popping up every hour.

The problem I am talking about here is an audio or sound error. Many gamers complain on the forums that they cannot hear Ethan’s voice. And for some, the audio and vocals are completely out of sync or there is a lag.

Here’s a Steam user explaining the situation:

No voices can be heard in the game.

As the title says. Since the beginning of the game, I cannot hear any of ANY character’s voices. I have subtitles turned on so I’m pretty sure the voices shouldn’t be muted.

Any suggestions would be great and thanks!

This is the case for many players. Imagine playing a Resident Evil game without character voices or audio.

How to fix

The good news is that there are many fixes available for this bug. The bad news is that there are different solutions that work for different users, which means there is no solid one-size-fits-all solution for this. Anyway, let’s take a look at the fixes. The first solution comes from the Steam user. / venomtheraven :

I had a problem where I couldn’t hear Ethan’s voice. I turned off virtual surround sound and that fixed it.

What it means is that if you have the Virtual Surround setting enabled in the game, you must disable it. You will find the settings under Options> Audio.


The second solution is also from a Steam user. What he did to fix Ethan’s voice and audio lag is, during a cutscene, he paused the game by pressing Esc. Then he waited a few seconds and continued. That did the job for him.

Many users managed to fix this problem simply by switching to a different audio device. So, try switching to a different pair of headphones.

Note: many other sources may recommend that you reinstall your audio drivers. Do not do that! A corrupted audio driver will not specifically affect a certain part of a game. It will affect your entire system. So as long as you can hear everything else, there is no need to reinstall the drivers.

If you think this guide has helped you, please let us know in the comment section below. And for more Resident Evil Village (RE8) guides, keep an eye on dlprivateserver. We will cover each and every technical problem in the game. Good luck!


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