How To Level up in Resident Evil Village with these NVIDIA drivers

The month of May is going to be great for PC gaming fans, since the launch of Resident Evil Village we have to add the Enhaced Edition of Metro Exodus and the remastering of the Mass Effect trilogy. That is why NVIDIA has released its 466.27 WHQL drivers with optimized profiles for these three games, apart from other improvements and fixes.

The NVIDIA 466.27 WHQL drivers do not come bundled with new hardware, but they do demonstrate the close collaboration between NVIDIA and developers in creating suitable drivers for the latest releases.

Three great games optimized with NVIDIA 466.27 WHQL

The new drivers come with optimized Game Ready profiles for the three big releases of the moment, the first of them being the eighth numbered installment of the classic survival horror saga Resident Evil, which continues with the same style as its predecessor that redefined it. classic saga.

The second game is not new, but it is Metro Exodus Enhaced Edition , a completely redone version of a game that was spectacular, but now with a version totally designed for Ray Tracing that looks spectacular. If you have an NVIDIA RTX 20 or an RTX 30 do not hesitate to play this version, which with the new patch will be very well optimized. Believe us, it is the difference between night and morning and a generational change.

To finish we have Mass Effect Legendary Edition , the update to Bioware’s classic space RPG trilogy also receives a Game Ready profile optimized for NVIDA GPUs. This is one of the best trilogies in video game history with dozens, if not hundreds of hours of gameplay.

If we move outside of the gaming world, we find that NVIDIA has added support for DirectX 12 Agility and an update to the mining limiter for the renewal of the RTX 3060 that will be released in May.

Fixed issues in this version

This time there are only three problems that have been solved in the NVIDIA 466.27 WHQL drivers.

  • The huge number of issues that Rainbow Six Siege was causing when using it with NVIDIA Reflex has been fixed , so now you can use this NVIDIA technology to your advantage in your games.
  • The HDMI output version 2.1 covered its refresh rate when the vertical sync was disabled. This problem has been fixed and no longer occurs.
  • Applications Rigid Gems and Prepar3D no longer hang the start.

Given that NVIDIA is releasing a new driver in a few weeks due to the launch of the RTX 3080 Ti, we believe that the list of fixed issues will grow in the next version and will not be as short as the one just released.

Problems still unsolved

To finish we have the problems that have not been solved in this version of the NVIDIA drivers. Some of them are already classics like the stuttering in Steam VR when starting and on YouTube when scrolling or the turbulence smoke in Batman: Arkham Knight. At this point we wonder why NVIDIA continues to include them on the list.

  • Error code 10 appears in Device Manager when an express or custom driver installation has been performed and the system has not been rebooted. This prevents Dynamic Boost from being used, so NVIDIA recommends a reboot after installation for now.
  • In Mortal Shell if we put the quality of the shadows in low then an increase in the brightness of the image occurs. At the moment NVIDIA recommends setting the shadows high or ultra while working on a solution to the problem.
  • If you have a GeForce GTX 10 you may find that the game suddenly crashes.
  • In WoW: Shadowlands they still haven’t fixed the flickering problem in certain parts of the game.

As always, we hope that in subsequent drivers most of these problems will be solved.

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