Waldorf dolls: what they are, how to choose them and tutorials for do-it-yourself

Waldorf dolls are soft dolls – usually handmade – that are used to help the child develop the fantasy.The pedagogy Waldorf or Steiner is an educational approach developed in 1919 based on the indications of Rudolf Steiner , philosopher and educator, as well as Austrian social reformer.According to Waldorf pedagogy, it is necessary to dedicate oneself completely to the evolutionary needs of the child in a vision called evolutionary anthropology. Play is one of the most important tools for the child’s growth and Waldorf dolls are part of it.


Waldorf dolls, what they are

In the original Waldorf dolls the facial features are poorly defined . It is a fundamental feature of Waldorf dolls which serves to leave room for the child’s imagination . When a child plays with a Waldorf doll he can associate the expressions he prefers with his face. You can imagine the color of the eyes and the shape of the nose and lips, for example.

From a pedagogical point of view, Waldorf dolls are considered a useful tool to facilitate the child’s dialogue with himself.

Waldorf dolls for boys and girls of all ages

Waldorf dolls are toys suitable for both boys and girls . According to experts in Waldorf pedagogy, there is a doll for every age of the child . Waldorf dolls are designed for children of all ages and can be used from the first few monthsThe doll for the first months of the baby ‘s life has a barely sketched body and does not have facial features.

When the children grow up, the dolls change with them and the legs and arms begin to take shape. Over the years the doll reproduces the development of the child himself .

waldorf dolls 2

Waldorf dolls, how to choose them

Waldorf dolls are a game for children and an important tool for parents, teachers, teachers, educators and for all those who live or work in contact with the little ones.

The ideal would be to make one or more Waldorf dolls customized for each child to give them as an educational game, but these dolls can also be purchased since they are on sale, for example in stores specializing in Steinerian toys and online. Find handmade Waldorf dolls for sale in the markets of the Steiner schools .

It will be the responsibility of the educators and parents to choose the best dolls to give to children.

The important thing is that the Waldorf dolls were made with natural fabrics and materials . Usually these dolls are created with wool and cotton. You can search online the Waldorf dolls like rag dolls , rag dolls or soft dolls. The main feature to distinguish them from other dolls, however, remains that of poorly defined facial features.

Waldorf dolls, DIY tutorials

On the web there are manuals and tutorials for making Waldorf dolls with do-it-yourself. To create Waldorf dolls it is good to know how to sew by hand or have a sewing machine available for better results.

Waldorf dolls, manual for the realization

Let’s start with a complete manual available online that explains step by step how to create a Waldorf doll in all its details, taking care of the creation of the head, hair, padding and clothes. Here and here all the instructions.

waldorf dolls tutorial 1

Photo source: Sweet baby food

Waldorf dolls, pdf with diagram and tutorial

Waldorf dolls are soft, wool-filled dolls that warm up in contact with the child’s body. They give warmth and the children have a lot of fun cradling and embracing them. Here the pdf with all the instructions to create them.

waldorf dolls tutorial 2

Waldorf dolls, how to create the head and body

The head and body are the main parts needed to create a Waldorf doll. The photographic tutorials are useful to better understand how to achieve these very special dolls. Here all the images to follow.

waldorf dolls tutorial 3

Waldorf dolls, pictures and explanations

A mother explains how she made Waldorf dolls for her children starting from the awareness that creating toys is a real act of love for their children. Here the tutorial to follow.

waldorf dolls tutorial 4


Waldorf dolls

Moms are really very imaginative when they commit themselves to making Waldorf dolls. Take a cue from their commitment to create your own custom Waldorf dolls. Here all the instructions

waldorf dolls tutorial 5

Courses to learn how to make Waldorf dolls

Do you want to learn how to make Waldorf dolls? The suggestion is to look for a Steiner school in your area and to ask if courses are organized from time to time which explain how to make these wonderful dolls by hand. Also inquire to find out if the courses are open to both parents of children attending school and to external people. Here an example.

Your Waldorf dolls

This Waldorf doll was made by one of our readers, Luisa Manzardo .


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