Carnival: 10 DIY crowns

This activity will serve to develop their imagination and creativity, as well as manual skills. The little ones will learn how to get a little disguise on their own and will encounter the magic of a new game.Here are many ideas taken from the web to create colored crowns thanks to which boys and girls can transform themselves into kings and queens, princes and princesses.


Rubber crown

From Mamma Viò’s blog , here is an idea to make a crepe rubber crown . Crumb rubber, also known as crumb paper, is a completely non-toxic and easy to cut recycled material. You can paint, model, decorate and sew it to give shape to your crown.

carnival crown 1


DIY crown from plastic bottles

You can also get your Carnival crown from a simple plastic bottle . The Piccolini blog suggests cutting the crown from the bottom of a plastic bottle and decorating it with a satin ribbon or tissue paper. Here the complete tutorial.

carnival crown 2


Princess crown

Starting from a hair band, brass or copper wire, golden or silver ribbon and colored beads you can create a beautiful princess crown. To complete your creation you will have to use hot glue, as indicated by An Idea In Your Hands . Here the complete tutorial.

carnival crown 3

Fairy crown

Following the example proposed by Lu Bird Baby , you can create a beautiful fairy princess crown, to be accompanied by a magic wand that will pick up its colors. You will need a headband, felt of various colors, beads and hot glue. Follow the full tutorial here .

carnival crown 4

Crown from a paper plate

A simple paper plate could be the perfect base to make a DIY princess crown in a few minutes. You will also need colored tissue paper, markers and stickers to decorate. The paper plate must be mourned, as suggested by Noi Nonni. Here the complete tutorial.

carnival crown 5

Crown to print

The easiest and fastest way to make a Carnival crown in a few moments is to print a ready-made template, which you can adjust according to the size of your children’s head and close with adhesive tape.

DIY crown from pipe cleaners

The blog Cose Per Crescere suggests creating a Carnival crown starting from the golden pipe cleaners . You will also need golden paper, which you can recover, for example, from the chocolate packages. You will also need quick-setting glue, scissors and two hair clips. Here the complete tutorial.

carnival crown 7

King’s crown

Here’s how to build a king’s crown by imitating the original model. The Schloss-Neuschwanstein website provides all the necessary information and materials to be printed and cut to create a beautiful Carnival crown. Adults will assist children in its creation. Here all the instructions in Italian.

crown like a king

Crochet crown

Those who are skilled in crocheting can make a prince or princess crown by choosing their favorite colors, or by matching it to the Carnival costume chosen for the children. To find out how to make it, follow the online video tutorial .

carnival crown 9

Beaded crown

A final idea to create a princess crown is to use a hair band, beads to create necklaces and bracelets and satin ribbon as starting materials . Follow the tutorial here to create your jewel crown in just a few steps.

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