Wakame seaweed

Wakame seaweed. It is a variety of seaweed widely used in Japanese cuisine, especially for its pleasant flavor and its enormous versatility as an ingredient. It also grows on the coasts of Galicia ( Spain ). Wakame seaweed is obtained dried, fresh and salty as a food rich in calcium, iodine and other minerals and nutrients of high value and can be an excellent vegetable complement to many dishes that are cooked daily and is a way to attractively introduce , large doses of minerals very important for the proper functioning of the body.

In Japan and Korea, wakame seaweed has been cultivated for centuries and even today they are the largest producers and consumers of this marine vegetable, although for a few decades, it has also been cultivated on the coasts of Galicia, in France , in the Brittany region. . It also grows naturally in Tasmania , Australia , for use in Sydney restaurants .


Wakame is a deep green leaf-shaped algae with a very characteristic sweet taste and texture.

Nutritional benefits

  • Regenerates the quality of blood
  • It has detoxifying properties
  • It is recommended in diets for hypertensive people
  • Stimulates the production of hormones
  • Suitable for postpartum recovery
  • Helps improve kidney and liver secretions
  • Eating small amounts of wakame seaweed prevents constipation
  • Provides antioxidants and prevents oxidation and fermentation of food
  • Can lower blood pressure


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