Viú espadrille

Viú espadrille. The birth of such a peculiar dish was promoted by a stamp from Holguin. At the suggestion of the political and governmental authorities of the territory, the “Espadrille” is “manufactured” in the Rincón de Romerías cafeteria , a local development project belonging to the Art Services Company.

Holguinera print

They say that Luis Manuel Viú de Feria gave him to buy a place on the corner of Aguilera and Mártires streets in the city of Holguín , in the 1950s. There he established “La Casa Viú” where he intended to prosper economically by selling fruit and smoothies.

Things did not go as expected. Still more with the bad omen of relatives and friends who foretold to him that the business would not raise, because the chosen premises had been a funeral parlor.

As a good businessman, he insisted on his idea. But the desire was not enough. He was tired of his situation when a former sailor, talkative and believer from Santiago arrived at “La Casa Viú”. Manolo confessed to him. The conversation was the turning point for the decadent business.

The man from Santiago gave him 100 pesos as a tip and told him that from then on he would prosper. The spiritual gift inspired Manolo who, with the soul of an artist, devised a sandwich that he named “Espadrille”.

It was prepared with malted bread, about 20 cm long. The bread was cut in the middle and smeared with a Spanish chorizo ​​paste that was softened with butter in the pan. I put layers of ironed ham and grilled cheese, sliced ​​turkey, Italian salami, and pickled gherkins. Then I grilled it and cut the cross bread.

The truth is that with all those ingredients, the mega snack resembled the sole of a espadrille. Many personalities who visited the city at that time, enjoyed the “Espadrille” such as Rita Montaner and Beny Moré . And the sandwich’s fame was so great that it inspired the baritone Raúl Camayd Zogbe , founder of the Teatro Lírico Rodrigo Prats in Holguín, to compose satirical verses that say:

“If the evidence takes you awayand how easy you see itnot only on the feetsatisfies a espadrille ”.

Today nobody would remember Manolo if it had not occurred to him to transcend as a gastronomic man.


The original recipe, today dubbed “Alpargata de Viú”, has been respected as far as possible. Only the turkey has been exchanged for chicken breast.

  • 100 gram bread
  • Chicken breast
  • Leg Ham
  • Salami
  • Boneless loin
  • cheese
  • Pickles
  • French fries / Sweet potato fries
  • Sauce to accompany

The dish went on sale in mid-April 2018 and has been well received by customers.


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