Syrup . Exquisite recipe that will allow you to sweeten desserts. The ratio is generally ½ cup of water to 1 cup of sugar , although some recipes only recommend the water needed to moisten the sugar.


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  • 1 Determination of a syrup point
  • 2 The point of a syrup after starting to boil
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Basic recipe
    • 1 Ingredients
    • 2 Preparation method
    • 3 Variations
      • 3.1 Drunk
      • 3.2 Caramel
      • 3.3 of molasses
      • 3.4 Orange
    • 5 Source

Determination of a syrup point

A very light syrup like the one used for fritters, fries, etc., does not require much care in its preparation, just avoid sugaring and for this what you have to do is not stir after it is on the fire and always add some lemon drops . From the start of boiling until approximately 5 minutes later, you can remove it from the heat according to your taste. Always remember that syrup thickens more when it cools.

The point of a syrup after starting to boil

From the time it starts to boil to the caramel point , there are a series of intermediate points that are more difficult to determine and, precisely, these are the ones that require many recipes.

  • The stitch or thread stitchtakes about 5 minutes after starting to boil. We can recognize it because if we put a gothic in a little cold water it dissolves in the water and we can distinguish it. It sticks lightly to the fingers when you touch it, after having let it cool in a spoon , and makes a fine thread by separating the fingers.
  • The soft marshmallowpoint takes about 7 minutes after it has started to boil. We can recognize it because when putting a gothic in the water it does not dissolve and can be distinguished. It forms like a light marshmallow ball that we can hardly knead.
  • The light caramel dot takes approximately 10 minutes after it has started to boil. When we pour a goth in water, it creaks slightly. It cannot be kneaded. It forms a hard ball, like glass.
  • The dark caramel point takes around 11 minutes. The consistency is the same as that of light caramel, but the color begins to change and the syrup takes on caramelcolor .

The minutes that we indicate for each point of syrup have been calculated, using a ratio of ½ cup of water for each cup of sugar , starting to count after the syrup breaks the boil and always boiling over high heat.

When using a proportion with a greater amount of water, the syrup takes longer to reach these temperatures and, conversely, when less than ½ cup of water is used for each cup of sugar, it will reach these temperatures with less time.


  • It is always good to prove the point and not just be guided by the clock. The intensity of the firecan vary the time necessary for a syrup to reach a temperature in a certain time.
  • Do not stir the syrup after you put the saucepan on the fire, do it before while the water is cold.
  • Add lemonjuice or vinegar to keep it from sweetening. 2 drops for each cup of sugar will suffice.

Basic recipe


  • 2 cups sugar(1 pound)
  • 1 cup of water

Lemon , cinnamon , anise , etc., to taste

Preparation method

Mix the water with the sugar and the lemon peel or another seasoning to taste. Put it on the candle and let it boil (without stirring it), approximately, 5 minutes or until when you take a little with a spoon and touch it with your fingers you feel that it is a little sticky.



Make the basic recipe for syrup and when lowering it from the candle, add 3 tablespoons of rum , brandy or liquor.


Melt 2 tablespoons of sugar as if to make caramel to coat the mold of a flan . Then add the water and sugar right there. Let it boil until you have the point you want. It is very tasty and with a nice golden color.

Of melado

Make the basic syrup recipe and when lowering it from the candle, add about 1 cup of cane molasses .

Of Orange

Use sweet orange juice instead of water to make the syrup and add a piece of orange peel to it while cooking.


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