Visual contamination

We are going to embroider a type of environmental pollution , which goes unnoticed by the majority of the population. Like the others, it is very important for its great impact on the environment, biodiversity and human health .

In this sense, we invite you to know what visual pollution is, its main causes, consequences and solutions , to prevent this environmental problem in society.

What is Visual Pollution?

It is that pollution that impacts the observation or visualization of a particular environment, breaking with the aesthetics of a landscape or natural environment. This affects human health, biodiversity and the quality of the surrounding environment.

What are the characteristics of visual pollution?

Among the main descriptive features of this type of pollution are: the one promoted by advertising, globalization and industrialization. Also that comes by perception and visual capture, it breaks with the aesthetics of any environment and occurs both in urban and rural environments. It is also advertising, waste, architectural, light and industrial. Its impact is both in the area where it occurs and in the beings that interact with it.

What are the Causes of Acoustic or Sound Pollution?

Among the main causes or pollutants that give rise to this environmental problem are: human activity, light pollution and lack of planning and urban organization. In addition the architectural constructions, houses and buildings, billboards, vehicular and air traffic, chimneys and excess traffic signs. Likewise, electricity distribution networks, windmills, electricity poles, television antennas, parabolics, lightning rods, domestic and commercial garbage, graffiti, among many other artificial elements.

What are the consequences of visual pollution?

Among the main impacts generated by this type of pollution are:

  • Impact on the aesthetics and beauty of the landscape
  • Impact on physical, emotional, mental and psychological health
  • Effect on the nervous system
  • Effect on sensory senses
  • Stress, anxiety, tension, frustration, headache and bad mood
  • Impact on tourism and recreational activities
  • Impact on biological diversity
  • Ecological imbalances
  • Dangerous distractions for drivers and traffic accidents
  • Alterations of facades
  • Architectural disorder
  • Consumerism without need
  • Among other effects on the quality of life

What are the solutions of visual pollution?

Among the main measures to combat and prevent this type of contamination are:

  • Information and awareness of such an environmental problem
  • Mitigation of the causes and consequences of this contamination
  • Control and regulate the amount of colors
  • Consumption Reduction
  • Control and reduction of advertising notices
  • Promote the natural environment
  • Organize and improve urban spaces
  • Require regulations and compliance regarding advertising
  • Take this type of pollution into account in urban planning
  • Among many other measures that improve the quality of life

Definitely, it is that pollution that produces a visual impact on a given environment and affects both the health of human beings and living beings. Its main causes are the excess of advertising posters manipulated by man according to his needs and other unnatural elements on the landscape.

In summary, this type of pollution is no less important than all the others; It is generated by an excess of publicity or artificial elements that saturate the visual sense and make people capture all the information and ignore the environment.

Visual contamination; It is the alteration that breaks the aesthetics of an area by architectural or non-architectural elements that impact on the human brain

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