How to read a folder and display contents as links with Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a common language used to create desktop and web applications. Reading the contents of a directory is accomplished using internal functions in the Visual Basic compiler provided by Microsoft. The application is useful when you want to list files or other directories on a hard drive for your users. Files can be added and are listed for your users with a link that opens the file within the app.


1 Create the necessary variables. These variables are used to call the \”Directory\” class and iterate through each file or folder to create the link in the form. Here is the code to create file variables:
Dim directory as directory
Dim files as stream ()
Dim as file stream
Note the “files\” \” and \file definitions\”. The files “\” \ variable is an array of all the files in the directory. The “file \” \ variable is used to hold a string of files.

2 Get a list of files and save it to the \”\” files array. An internal Visual Basic function named \”GetFiles()\” is used to create the list. The following code retrieves all folders and files in ridge of the \”c:\myFolder\” directory:
files = Directory.GetFiles(\”C:\myFolder\”, \

“\”) The \ “\” tells the compiler to retrieve all files. You can also specify file names for recovery.

3 Loop through each file in the array and print it to a link tag. The link tag creates an area of ​​underlined text that users click to open the file. The following code prints each file to the user form:
For each file in Files
As Link dim New LinkLabel()
link.Text = File

4 Save the new encoding changes and press the F5 key . The F5 key builds and runs the code in the debugger, so you can verify its function and syntax in the Visual Basic editor.


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