Vidiago cheese

Narcea Valley Cheese. The Narcea Valley Cheese is a cheese made in the autonomous community of the Principality of Asturias , in Spain .


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This cheese is made with cow’s milk, although in spring it is made with a mixture of goat and cow and kid’s rennet . You take pasteurized cow ‘s milk , ferments are added and the temperature is raised to 32 ° C. Once reached this temperature, the rennet is added. After half an hour the curd is salted, cut into small pieces and stirred so that it begins to lose the whey . The next step is its introduction into molds in which the mixture is left to rest for half an hour to complete the draining. Once this process is completed, it is pressed for a few hours and left to mature for 2 months.


It is a cheese with a circular shape of half a kilogram of weight. The interior is cream colored and the bark, the same color, is thin. A variety with nuts is also marketed .

Production area

This cheese is made in the town of Arcellana or Aciana , Concejo de Salas , a single cheese factory owned by María Josefa García .


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