Video games for beginners

The gamer’s life is often a little lonely, there is talk of games with many people who share this affinity, but when it comes to opening dialogues with other mortals who do not have the same affinity, they look at us as if let’s speak basic chinese. It can be fixed?

Maybe not. In my unsuccessful and constant (not to mention grudging) attempts to make family, friends and other beings savor the odd video game, it is rare the times that someone finally says: “Ok, I’m going to try it”. Even the episodes where I literally put the joystick in your hand and installed the game for you.

But not to despair! Because there are those rare unicorns, those flexible people, with an open mind and an adventurous heart, who listen carefully to our passion when recounting the adventures we live with gaming and willing to jump into the fun pool in front of us .

So I decided to make this little compendium of titles on demand, video games for beginners perfect for turning your loved ones into geeks. Of course, there is a clarification. Although this is NOT a ranking, but rather a varied list that will depend on the tastes of each person (NdE: and focused on visual beauty), I ordered them by level of difficulty. Although, as in everything, we can disagree. Good luck on that mission!

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Monument Valley

In my opinion, the simplest of all these video games for beginners. It is true that it has much less puzzles than some of the ones I will mention, but it handles the intuitive difficulty very well . Sometimes we forget how important it is for a person who has just come into contact with a keyboard or a joystick to learn what the keys are for.

Surely many of us know that the “triggers” (L1, R1, etc) of the PlayStation joystick are mainly used to hit and cover in action games, that in a shooter the “wasd” keys will be essential to move … but this does not have Why know those who never approached games beyond Mario or an eventual Tetris .

Monument Valley is ideal to start with, because it is not only tactile, but it takes us by the hand , without making us feel like idiots, while explaining all the movements. The harmony, lack of urgency and clarity of the contrast of the puzzles with the backgrounds make this game perfect to present to beginners . Also, it can be played on any cell or tablet, so you don’t need to buy a console or have a good PC.


Another similar game in terms of the previous one, but in this case it encourages us to explore without so many clues and with more complex puzzles . In addition, it has the particularity of using landscapes and objects (or the absence of them) as a fundamental element of the game’s tracks.

Our beloved beginner will find himself in the middle of the desert seeing nothing but a little house in the distance, and he will know that he has to move on . This, accompanied by music and art, will surely add a plus in the audiovisual territory, leaving a very pleasant feeling after finishing it.

And the best of all? It is no longer exclusive to PlayStation, so it can now be played on an average PC.


A Spanish game that, like the previous one, will explain absolutely nothing to us, so it is clear that we will have to move. Of course, in this case it is understood that we already know how to use the classic buttons on the keyboards or the joysticks to take us through its colorful history.

The puzzles are sometimes complicated and there are also several levels of challenge for the most perfectionists. However, the true essence of this game, beyond its music and its wonderful artistic tone, is that it makes us experience very deep emotions.

Be careful, because if the person really connects with the game, they can feel identified with the palpable pain of their main character and have a bad time (I do not recommend it for a rainy Sunday). However, it is a beautiful experience that allows us to understand that games are more than just mechanics , they can also generate feelings.

It can be played on PC and Nintendo Switch.


It does not have great challenges, but it brings us to another level of exploration . Now we will have to live the experience from a place that makes us feel a certain suspense and danger , but intertwined with a plot as simple as it is interesting, which makes it perfect.

It is that Firewatch is only a guy who becomes a ranger to escape his responsibilities, and in his talks, through a handy, with a co-worker, he will open his heart. Touring a landscape full of dangers and mysteries, as well as beauty, accompanied by a really exciting personal story, makes the game the perfect closure and shows us how video games can integrate us into a story .

It’s on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Weird that it hasn’t joined Switch yet.

The Wolf Among Us

Our beloved beginner experienced the simple cubed puzzles, the complexes and the exploration, the emotional experience of a game on an artistic level, the complexity of a plot … Now what remains? Now there is some action left .

This work by Telltale Games has, to my taste, all the necessary factors to make a work enjoyable and submersible. It has everything you need to know how the games are but in modest doses and little overwhelming. Decisions that can change a story , fights with constant warnings of what to push, mysteries to solve, interesting plot, more multitudes of characters and locations. Safety pin!

In addition, they can be played almost on any current platform, perfect to be inside those video games for beginners. On top comes the second part.

In short, in Video Games for Beginners, I recommended only these five games because, without a doubt, they can be the gateway to another level. What comes next? That is up to your criteria or to another chapter. Let me know how the recommendations are going!

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