Death Stranding Guide – Episode 14: Lou

We help you complete Hideo Kojima’s new play, Death Stranding, with a series of tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for Episode 14: Lou.

We are at the end of Death Stranding. Kojima’s work reaches its end after handing out many packages, connecting the world and creating UCAs, in addition to having met a host of iconic characters. After having passed the previous episode , we can continue watching a series of long cinematics to understand all the loose ends of the plot that were pending. We accompany you throughout this chapter packed with video scenes as part of this comprehensive guide .

Chapter 14: Lou

What we must do in this chapter is deliver BB to the incinerator that we visited in one of the first chapters. There is no danger on the way there and we will have the necessary stairs to climb the mountain, so we just have to enjoy the walk and the music playing in the background. Once in the indicated location, and after seeing a few kinematics, we can deliver the package. When we regain control we will be “underwater” and we will have to leave the room and turn twice to the left to find the BB capsule and approach it.

After some last cinematic scenes, we will see the final credits and when they are finished we can continue playing in a kind of “Chapter 15: Tomorrow is in your hands” . All the missions that we have left pending, territories to explore, customization items, improvements to tools or weapons to get, etc., we can do it now. You know: this is not over and will only do so when we, as players, decide. You can consult other sections of our guide to know what to do, such as the method to obtain the otter hood or that of all weapons , since some of them may have been overlooked or forgotten.


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