The Temple of No, to celebrate books from video games

Welcome to the weekly column on short games (relatively), independent (this for sure), and (sometimes) free (this time yes).

Yesterday was the day of the book! Everywhere on the internet there were posts encouraging to take advantage of the quarantine to read a good story. And Press Over is no exception! For that reason and or I will also invite you to read, but not a book, but a game. And a very fun one.

The Temple Of No is a Twine (yes, I already told you about this ), a text game that also has beautiful illustrations, music, sound effects and even voice actors. And a frog! What more you want?

It tells us a story, of an explorer, of whom previously we are going to know something of his background, who sets out on an adventure through the jungle to find The Temple of No. The interesting, in addition to the artistic section, is that it ‘s very funny. The game teases itself all the time , making fun of the Twine format, using the arguments of the vicious people on the internet who say that “they are not real games”; while it is at the same time a defense of the format.

At first, the latter disliked me. It sounded believing to me, as if they said “look, we do it well”, but later I understood that the idea was different. I think there is an irony behind holding onto those haters arguments to make a play.

And it makes sense if we know who the creators are, the CrowsCrowsCrows studio, the people responsible for the game with the longest title in the world , and the new team of creators from none other than The Stanley Parable . Two games that I have already talked about, which are also experiments full of irony and humor, that justly criticize the medium from the medium itself while serving as a defense of its expressive power .

The Temple Of It  is not very short but with many details very careful and a lot of humor. Although, unfortunately, it is only in English. But it is not so much text and you can surely copy it to the translator if you want to enjoy it just the same. They can pass it to play for free on the Itchio of its creators!


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