Minecraft Dungeons Guide: 30 Best Tips for Beginners

The Minecraft Dungeons player is embodied in the form of a hero whose life goal is to defeat the Archielager and his army. The world needs protection, otherwise it will be captured and simply destroyed. Let it be long and during this journey there will be many difficulties, but there will also be a worthy reward. Everyone is used to seeing Minecraft as a building and exploration game, so the RPG style can look alien. Don’t be scared, our tips will help you overcome this path, kill monsters standing in the way, and find hidden treasures.

Minecraft Dungeons Guide

We’ve rounded up 30 of the most important tips to help you get the most out of Minecraft Dungeons. With their help, you will be able to find legendary loot, explore dungeons and create the best builds for the hero.

20 tips for Minecraft Dungeons gameplay

First you need to talk about tips that will help you explore the dungeons, since the player will spend most of the time here. The dungeons are well-designed, and most of the elements are intuitive, but they also have some points that a beginner needs to know.

Top 20 Minecraft Dungeons Tips:

  1. There are 2 types of levels. This includes story levels that imply fixed paths. Secret levels are usually locked, but under certain conditions they can be accessed from normal playthroughs. They mix fixed passing elements and also have dynamic moments, randomly generated parts.
  2. The levels are divided by difficulty. To change the difficulty, you need to go to the map screen. However, killing difficult monsters increases the likelihood of good gear drops.
  3. Examine maps for undetected artifacts and equipment. If it has question marks on it, there might be some useful item here. Usually a replay is required to explore all hidden areas.
  4. Constantly look at the map, a secret area may be shown there. It is started by pressing the Tab key. It also shows the places of the dungeon that could be missed or hidden chests with equipment.
  5. Secrets are different from chests because they can appear randomly. To go to the secret level, you need to go along a small path to the side of the main passage.
  6. Enter all the houses and caves that come across along the way. Here you can find new levels, vases or chests for hacking.
  7. To open the map screen, you need to press M. This shows the number of open chests and secrets found.
  8. Watch out for the gold emblem – it shows the main goal of the current quest.
  9. Do not enter a level with a difficulty higher than the current equipment power. The difference between the nearby rapids can be colossal.
  10. If you can’t complete a level, it’s time to think about reducing the difficulty. Another way is to get experience and equipment elsewhere, and only then return here.
  11. Kill animals. It may be rude, but after their deaths, healing items can be caught, they will greatly help in the journey.
  12. You can hold the stretch of the bow. To do this, hold down the right mouse button or the right trigger on the joystick. As soon as we release the button, the arrow will fly out.
  13. When fighting creepers, it is better to use ranged weapons or equipment with a knockback effect. Upon death, they explode.
  14. It is important first of all to kill the sorcerers (people in purple robes). They cast enhancing spells on their allies.
  15. If you can find TNT, try picking it up and throwing it into the crowd of enemies using the ranged key. By the white indicator we can see the range of the explosion. It is only important to consider that damage is done to both friends and animals.
  16. You can carry TNT indefinitely until it starts. Explosives are best stored until the next wave with many enemies.
  17. It is possible to transport several explosives at once, but during the throw they will all fly at the enemies.
  18. Remember that falling from great heights does damage. If the ledge is not high and the damage is minimal, but jumping off the cliff can be fatal.
  19. You can respawn at the level, but the character will lose a fourth of the total health level.
  20. Dodge groups of enemies if in doubt about your character’s build. A high kill rate is important here. An alternative approach is to shoot them from afar, and when there are few lives, all that remains is to finish them off in close combat.

10 Best Minecraft Dungeons Gear Tips

This section is dedicated to basic tips to help you use your gear correctly for newcomers to Minecraft Dungeons.

  1. Look at the enchantments, they are present on all objects. For example, if you have a level 16 sword with 1 enchant slot and a level 14 weapon with two spell ports, you should probably choose the second option. This will be especially effective when using enchantments that enter into synergy.
  2. Power level is the average value of the level of all equipped equipment. Equipping the artifact with a fireworks arrow will decrease the average power level of the equipment by 1.
  3. When buying new equipment from the Wandering Trader or Blacksmith in the camp, you will not be able to find equipment with a power level higher than the current one. It can be seen to the right of the hero’s image in the inventory menu.
  4. After exploring the map, you can open a chest with new armor and weapons, as well as artifacts.
  5. Don’t like the gear you received? By collecting equipment, you can get more emeralds when selling it.
  6. Occasionally, a merchant offers to create a unique item, but you will have to pay for it with emeralds.
  7. The higher the power level of an item, the better its characteristics. For example, level 16 speed boots will give 1.7 seconds of acceleration, and higher level boots will increase this time.
  8. Always try to take advantage of the enchantments and features of weapons and artifacts. For example, when using special fireworks arrows with a crossbow (Scatter Crossbow), you can launch several projectiles at once at enemies.
  9. The effects of enchanted items stack (stack). If you put on 2 chains with the effect of constraint, the chance of the spell triggering increases.
  10. The game encourages the collection of items. They can then be used to try and create better gear.

These are all the basic points that a beginner Minecraft Dungeons player needs to know in order to comfortably spend time in the dungeons. Tips will help you dress up faster and get the most profit from cleared locations.

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