Can you play Minecraft Dungeons offline?

Minecraft Dungeons gives you the opportunity to befriend a group of friends and traverse a massive map, full of levels where you get extremely powerful loot. You can choose to have fun with your friends, or you can play the whole game by yourself. If you plan to play Minecraft Dungeons alone, do you have the option to play offline and without internet?

There is a catch because you can and you can’t. You need an internet connection to access the game when you load it for the first time. If your console or PC can connect directly to the internet to upload your profile, you should be good to go and have no problem creating a game session. However, once you get to the main menu, you have the option of playing in an online or offline room.

The difference between the two options is in an online room, other players on your friends’ list who also have the game have the option to join you while you play. It leaves it as an open lobby, except that random players you don’t know will not be able to enter. The offline option prevents this from happening, allowing you to play alone without being disturbed or in a local cooperative game with friends.

You will need an immediate internet connection for it to work in any online multiplayer, such as having a PSN, Nintendo Switch, or an Xbox Live account. If you try to load a Minecraft Dungeons game while online, and your internet connection goes down at some point, you can continue playing and your progress will continue.

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