Various benefits of using e-wallet payments

Digitalization has penetrated everywhere. Including reaching in the financial sector, especially payments. We see, a few years ago, how the trend of payments using cash still dominates in transactions that occur. Slowly, in addition to cash options in payments also appear through debit or credit cards.

However, payment options have recently increased with the advent of e-wallets . And more and more people, especially in big cities and metropolitan areas are using this e-wallet as a payment option. It turns out, trading and shopping with e-wallet has many advantages as follows.

  1. Super practical and efficient
    Not only for buying food and drink. E-Wallet now has broader features such as paying for insurance bills, credit cards, electricity and water. Purchasing pulses is as easy as turning the palm of your hand thanks to the e-wallet in the palm of your cell phone. Practical, without the hassle of removing cards. Enough of your cellphone.
  2. Safer
    What risks occur when transacting using conventional methods? lost wallet, broken card, so money ripped etc. Various risks are certainly unavoidable. But with e-wallet, all your data and balances are stored in the hands of a cell phone.
    Even if the phone is lost or damaged, you can still trade as usual on the replacement cellphone as long as you have downloaded the e-wallet application.
  3. Can transact anywhere and anytime
    Just carry a cell phone, ensuring that you can carry out any variety of transactions. As long as the phone is connected to the internet and there is a balance in your e-wallet.
  4. Top Up Balance is easy and can be done anywhere
    No need to bother anymore when you run out of e-money balance. Simply connect to the internet and open e-banking, you can immediately Top Up your e-wallet Balance. For those who do not have a bank account, they can also fill the balance via cashier at the nearest mini market.
  5. Many promos
    One of the last advantages of dealing with e-wallets is the spread of promos. Either in the form of vouchers or cashback. Not to mention the promos that are held at certain times so they can save your expenses.

So it’s easy, isn’t it, using e-wallet? no need to bother taking change, etc. This includes Halo Jasa, which already supports e-wallet transactions through DANA and OVO. So, order and pay for Halo Services is no longer a hassle. Plus lots of interesting bonuses when using funds. Come on, what are you waiting for, order Halo Halo immediately and use e-wallet for easy payment


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