How to add the Green Pass to the iPhone Wallet

In the coming days, the Green Pass will become essential for anyone who will have to move or take part in activities of different types. For this reason, having the certification on hand could be a great advantage, as it would avoid several tedious (and sometimes not very intuitive) steps whenever it is necessary to show it to the competent authorities.

For this reason, we at ChimeraRevo want to show anyone who owns an iPhone a really simple way to have the Green Pass always at hand. The procedure to follow is really simple, it will not take you more than a few moments and will allow you to show the certification by simply calling up the iPhone’s Wallet .

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How to add the Green Pass to the iPhone Wallet

As mentioned earlier, the procedure to follow to add the Green Pass to the iPhone Wallet is really simple and intuitive. The operation is feasible thanks to the CovidPass service , safe and reliable (as the screen with the Green Pass takes place locally and not using the network, so no data is sent to third parties), which will transform your Green Pass into a card. to be added to the entire Wallet .

  • Retrieve your Green Pass , then take a photo of the QR code or take a screenshot if you get it from one of the two dedicated applications ( Immuni or IO )
  • Go to the site dedicated to the CovidPass service (we recommend using Safari to avoid possible compatibility problems)
  • At this point, click on Start Camera (if you have not yet recovered a photo or screenshot of your Green Pass) and take a photo of the QR code of the certification, or click on Select a File (to upload a screenshot or a photo containing the QR code)
  • Next, you can select the background color of the certificate
  • Check the box to accept the Privacy Policy and click on Add to Wallet
  • At this point, if the uploaded file is correct and the certificate code has been acquired correctly, the Wallet screen should appear with the request to add the Green Pass
  • Click on Add

At the end of the procedure, to view the Green Pass in the Wallet, all you have to do is call up the appropriate function on the iPhone or Apple Watch and show it to the competent authorities.

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