Know the 5 Operational Management Objectives in the Company

The objectives of operational management within a company  – Management in a business is always associated with the economic world. However, did you know in a company or business, management is not only related to the economic field. Management is the science of managing resources including planning, organizing, moving, controlling, and controlling to achieve certain goals. This is also supported by the understanding of the experts, Wilson Bangun, who says that management is all activities carried out by members of the organization to achieve certain goals. While understanding according to Mary Parker Follet states that management refers to the art of completing a job through someone else. Where that means, the management process is achieved through a manager who will direct his subordinates. In its application, management in a business is divided into several branches one of which is operational management. What are the main objectives of operational management in a company? The following is an explanation of the main objectives of an operational management that will expand our knowledge.

  1. Efficiency

One of the objectives of operational management is efficiency. Operational management in a company is functioned to increase the efficiency of the things done or produced. In a company, of course there is a vision and mission and the final goal that must be realized. To make it happen, the company has empowered human resources. These human resources are divided into several parts or divisions where each division has a task that is not the same but mutually sustainable. One of these divisions is the production department. The people in charge have the same vision and mission and goals as other divisions, namely to achieve the ultimate goal of a business or company. However, besides having the same vision and mission as other parts, operational management is very instrumental in increasing the efficiency of the production of goods in a company. Without good management of production operations, it is impossible for the company’s ultimate goal to be realized.

  1. Productivity

One of the goals of operations and production management in a company is productivity. Productivity or productivity in companies or large and small businesses is very important. Even a business is in the safe category when there are production activities carried out by the people in it and produce a product in the form of goods or services that fit the needs of consumers. Operations and production management are used to produce quality products and in accordance with what is needed by consumers. Not only that, an increase in productivity in a business is also influenced by the operational management system applied. If the people in the company successfully implement good operational management, productivity in the company can be controlled so that the company can avoid things that are less profitable. Even well-run company management will accelerate the final goal so as to provide benefits according to specified targets.

  1. Economy

One of the objectives of operations and production management is economic. Operational management that is run properly and correctly is very useful in saving the cost of producing goods or services in the company. Yes, all activities in a company certainly can not be separated from financing and expenses and income earned during a certain period. These costs can be inflated if there is no management in it. Cost overruns in production can backfire for a company. Because the large pegs that occur in production will make the company out of business. Therefore, this is where the role of an operational management. In the system, operasinal management can help companies in monitoring expenses and revenues so that the business runs in balance.

  1. Quality

Not only related to the economy and productivity in a company, operational management that should run should help the company improve the quality of the company through appropriate market and product targets. In an operational management division there will be a section or human resources that are used to research and conduct a series of market surveys to produce research results related to what is currently being needed by the community or target market. Not only that, when the production is finished, the product will be confirmed again whether it is in accordance with the quality specified by the company. This is the function of the existence of management in a company. With the control or supervision of the operational management department, It is expected that the resulting product remains in accordance with the target or target market. The right product quality will certainly also increase income and consumer confidence in consumers.

  1. Reduced Processing Time

One of the objectives of operational management in a business and a small or large company is reduced processing time. The essence of this goal is to reduce time and production processes. In producing an item or service, a company will certainly use the time as much as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes that time is wasted with things that actually do not benefit the company. Therefore, management is needed whose purpose is to control the time spent on production and maximize it into other activities. Not only that, operational management that is well implemented will be beneficial in reducing delays and idle time.


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