What Is UX Design(User Experience);How It Can Help Your Business

 UX design (User experience) is  design, use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. A UX designer is concerned with the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product.What is the User Experience? And where do you have to start to become a UX Designer? What does a UX Designer do, specifically?In this article, I want to answer these questions in detail!Ready? Ok come on, let’s start!.User Experience How a person feels when using a product. Or more formally, according to the definition given by ISO 9241-210, it is a person’s responses and perceptions resulting from the use of a product, system or service.

What Is UX Design(User Experience);How It Can Help Your Business

The different roles within UX Design

  • User Researcher: focuses his tasks on conducting user interviews and behavior analysis;
  • Information Architect: focuses on tasks such as organizing website content, how the search engine should work, what names to use in menus, etc .;
  • Content Specialist or Strategist: focuses on tasks such as writing, structuring content to be delivered on different devices, interface texts in titles and labels etc .;
  • Interaction Designer: responsible for defining the interaction flow in an application, and how the user navigates through it. He also thinks about the transitions between the screens, usually inspired by real-world metaphors;
  • Visual Designer: focuses on typography, layout, colors, graphics, visual effects, images, textures, mood;
  • Project Manager: plans, organizes and controls the project and its team – including activities related to UX;
  • Front-End Developer: focuses on writing HTML, CSS, Javascript and other languages ​​to implement a specific look and interaction;

User Interface Designer (UI)

isual Designer (Graphic Designer)

Interaction Designer (IxD)

Product Designer

What is UX Design (User Experience)?

There are many definitions that you can find. But in my view:

UX Design or User Experience Design ,is the ability to understand and solve problems focused on the user. UX involves usability (how easy it is to use), accessibility (accessible to all types of people, with any condition) and how pleasant the relationship between the user and your product is; [In other words] is making a person’s life as easy and intuitive as possible when using a service or product.

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