Five advantages of exchanging your dollars online

Today we will tell advantages of exchanging your dollars online.The dollar accumulates an advance of 3.98% so far this year, after having weakened 3.54% in 2017 .

5 advantages of exchanging your dollars online

1 There is no waste of time

To exchange dollars online, avoid unnecessary transfers to the financial office or exchanger of preference . Doing it online only takes 10 minutes through the Rextie platform.

2 Say NO to queues

Going to the bank and doing it in a personal way is a thing of the past. The creation of digital platforms avoids hearts.

3 Greater Security

There is no need to change money away from a home or office, exposing you to theft, assault or kidnapping. Now doing it online is very reliable.

4 Good exchange

Having a low rate through traditional money changers is just a cliché. The platforms allow you to get the desired exchange rate with just one click.

5 Avoid snatching

Today, many are the ones who change money informally, offering candidates to deal with unknown money changers, which can end up in a heap or even a meltdown.

How to Exchang dollars From digital platform?

In just three easy steps, the money will be credited to the bank account. And here are the 3 steps:

1 Record the operation

After creating a personal account and entering the ID number, the user must register the change operation via Facebook, Google or email account. If you have a company, you can also create an account for the company.

2 Change to a click

The amount you want to change must be entered. The value of the exchange is confirmed in the upper part of the operation. Immediately the platform indicates the value in soles or dollars, depending on the desired choice.

3 Deposit.

Finally, a bank of origin must be added to the name of the applicant of any bank, as well as the bank of the recipient. Only by adding a mobile phone and accepting the terms and conditions within 10 minutes will the money be deposited into the account indicated.


  1. The applicant must be of legal age.
  2. You need to have a savings account in soles and dollars.
  3. Active personal email.
  4. Active cellphone on behalf of owner.

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