How to use business process automation to increase your effectiveness

Today automation is an element present in many business activities. The automation of business processes will allow you to make better use of technology and increase the effectiveness of your company.

Under this premise, today we come to talk about the  BPA (Business Process Automation)  and how it can be useful for your business growth.


Departments where you could implement BPA

Where tasks are repetitive and comprise a series of predictable steps, process automation plays a fundamental role. The work teams of some of your departments may waste some of their time in very simple activities, instead of devoting their energies and abilities to achieving important objectives.

But, what are the areas of your organization that can increase its efficiency with the implementation of Business Process Automation? Some are:


Customer Support

The use of an application on your website can establish automatic responses for those customers who contact your company in order to solve a specific problem. In this case, the software will send an automatic message explaining that the problem will be resolved shortly, while your team focuses on addressing less frequent problems.



In any organization it is common that several signatures are required to approve an order. With the implementation of a program, your employees will not waste time  running behind each person responsible for obtaining these signatures. The process starts through a simple click.


Personnel selection

No matter what type of company you have, when you require workers, your business follows a series of established steps. Therefore, using a document flow management software increases the efficiency of the department , guiding all processes.

These are just some areas that normally increase their efficiency thanks to Business Process Automation , but other departments can also benefit from process automation.


Elements to evaluate to implement process automation

Before deciding to implement process automation it is important to know if your business needs BPA . To do this, you must start from the following premises:

  • The whole process must be free of errors
  • The process needs to be consistent
  • The process needs to be cost efficient
  • The process is repetitive.
  • It is necessary to ensure the transparency of the process


How to optimize your business processes

The first step is to generate a map of the entire business process flow , and identify each activity involved. It’s about bringing your team together to document and analyze the processes that can be automated.

The first activities that are usually automated are:

  • data transfers
  • task assignment
  • document collection
  • meeting schedule

In this way, the IT team can focus on creating the necessary platform to automate your business processes. Automation is necessary to manage the volume of work, as well as to keep the company competitive and reduce its costs.


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