What is the difference between robotization and automation?

Although similar concepts may seem, there is a substantial difference between robotization and automation . The nuance that all experts highlight has to do with the characteristics of the work to be developed and the environment in which it is carried out.

The process automation delivers reliability and excellent productivity when it comes to work in highly structured environments. For its part, robotization has the advantage of having autonomy of decision , allowing work in changing environments.

In other words, the choice of one system or another depends on the operational needs . If repetitive tasks are required, it would be sufficient to implement a process automation system. On the contrary, if one starts from a changing environment, which needs to make decisions , the ideal would be a solution based on robotization.


Robotization and automation in the industry

Each sector of the industry has some peculiarities that make their needs differ significantly. Knowing the differences between robotization and automation is a great help to implement the most effective technology in each case . A very graphic example of two sectors with very different demands is found in factories in front of modern distribution centers.

For decades, factories have more or less sophisticated systems of process automation . From the packaging lines in the food industry to the automobile sector, the examples are multiple. However, the difference between these mechanical tasks and the tasks that are carried out in the logistics and distribution centers is evident.

There are more and more stores that have autonomous robots to accelerate the process of selecting and preparing shipments. In this type of environment, numerous robots coexist that must move autonomously without colliding with each other. This implies having space sensors, detectors and geolocation systems. It is one of the clearest paradigms of the application of the RPA .


Robotic process automation for a more efficient professional environment

Among the advantages offered by the RPA is the efficiency derived from a technology that goes beyond simple automation. Robotization is not limited to previously programming the movements or actions to be performed by a device.

On the contrary, it involves a machine training , which not only records a series of steps to execute, but is also designed to make decisions based on what happens in the environment. On the other hand, robots also integrate communication, interaction and response systems , a difference that definitely distances them from automation systems.


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