Digital transformation: the digitalization of processes in SMEs

The digital transformation in an SME does not imply using technology for the sake of doing so. On the contrary, it means using the available technology , adapting it to our needs,  to achieve better results in the business strategy. By adopting this process, an SME will achieve the most important of its objectives: achieve customer satisfaction and, consequently, improve its results.


How to start the process digitalization in SMEs?

To achieve an improvement of business processes, the digitalization of processes in SMEs is essential. This basically means storing in a software all the processable information of a company, allowing to create a user interface to automate the most important processes. In this way, maximum time performance will be achieved, which will result in more resources to achieve the improvement of business processes . 

As an SME owner, you will be familiar with the different processes that come into play when buying from your suppliers and selling your own products. You must find the easiest way to keep track of the prices at which you buy and sell. This will allow you to make wise decisions more quickly, in case you need to make any changes.

At the same time, you will want to communicate with your customers quickly and effectively in order to offer them the best service at the most competitive price. And finally, you must learn from each decision taken to improve it in the future. For all this, the digitalization of your processes is key .


Optimize processes with the right software

The use of a spreadsheet can be useful when starting a venture. There you can enter manually and keep track of your merchandise, its prices, your customers. However, as the business progresses, it will be increasingly difficult to keep this database up to date. To solve this problem, and provide a better user experience, it is important to migrate the data from the spreadsheet to software that is able to automate the processes that your SME performs manually.

When choosing the program, you must take into account which actions are carried out manually in each sector of your company, and which can be automated to provide a better service . The software could help you quickly retrieve important information, such as prices and stocks, in case a customer makes a query related to this, it could send automatic emails to all your customers and could even keep track of delinquent customers to Be able to automatically send payment reminders.

As a result of having software adapted to the needs of your business , you can make better and more informed decisions. Working as if you were a great company, you can offer your customers personalized attention and service . Process digitalization in SMEs is the key to achieving your goals and maintaining the good performance of your company, taking it to the next level.


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