The emotions are at a level deeper than the body and mind.

And the purity of emotions is the most important quality .

In the spiritual journey and in meditation, the purity of emotions is more useful than that of body and mind, because man does not live according to his own thoughts , but according to his own emotions.

Man is said to be a rational animal , but this is not true .

In life there are few things that are done based on thinking , most of what we do is influenced by emotions.

Hate, anger, love : they are all related to emotions , not thoughts.

Most of the action has origins in the world of emotions , not the thoughts.

You may have noticed that you often think of one thing, and instead when the time comes do something else .

The reason is that there is a fundamental difference between thought and emotion.

You may perhaps decide that you will not be angry, you may think that anger is bad, but when anger assails you, the thought is put aside and anger takes over .

Until a transformation occurs in the world of emotions, simple thinking and contemplation cannot lead to a revolution in your life.

That’s why in the spiritual journey emotions are the essential aspect to work on.

Among the various dimensions of emotions, I would like to analyze four of them .

The first is friendship, the second is compassion, the third is joy and the fourth is gratitude.

We should find out what affects our emotions, where they come from.

Is it not true that hatred and hostility predominate in the place of friendship ?

Is it not true that we are easily moved by enmity, by hostility? What are we more likely to experience? What are we most easily drawn out of?

The anger has energy , but also the friendship is.

And anyone who can only generate the energy of anger is deprived of a larger dimension of his life.

Who has not learned to awaken the energy of friendship, is strong only in hostile situations , and becomes weak in friendly situations .

We don’t know how to produce the energy of friendship. Silence is not a strength for us, it is a weakness .

So far the history of mankind has shown that we only know how to generate the energy of enmity, while we do not know the energy of friendship.

It was Mahavira , the Buddha and Christ who laid the foundations of the energy of friendship. They said nonviolence is strength . Christ said that love is strength; the Buddha said that compassion is strength.

Therefore I invite you to think about your life. When do you feel strong ? You feel strong when you are in animosity towards someone, not when you are silent , right?

This means that you are influenced by impure emotions , because impure emotions find their cause externally , such as anger towards someone.

The stronger the impure emotions, the less successful you can get into yourself.

What prevents us from entering the inner world? Try to understand this point, it is very important .

Hostility is always focused on the outside : if there were no one outside, no hostility would arise in you.

Conversely, love is not focused outward; even if there is no one outside, love can still happen within you .

Love is intrinsic , friendship is intrinsic. Hostility needs the other , it is related to the other.

Hate is caused from the outside , love flows from within .

Impure emotions are triggered from the outside, pure emotions flow from the inside.

Love is like the light of a lamp. If there was nobody, the light would continue to shine in the void.

We don’t think of Christ or Mahavira or the Buddha as people they loved; but I tell you that they are the only people who have loved .

Certainly there is a difference between their love and yours: your love is a relationship with someone.

Their love, however, is not a relationship, it is a state of being . They are forced to love because they have no other choice .

It is said that several people insulted Mahavira, threw stones at him, and he forgave everything.

I say it is not true: Mahavira did not forgive anyone, because only those who get angry forgive.

Well, what did Mahavira do? There was nothing he could do, he had nothing else to give, except love .

No matter what was done to him, his only answer was love .

If you throw a stone at a tree laden with fruit, you will only receive fruit as an answer, there is no other possible answer .

Therefore, when love is a state of being, there is a kind of impossibility of choice: one loves, there is no other choice.

Therefore, the emotions that emerge from within, which cannot be dragged from outside, are pure and will fill you with bliss .

While the waves of emotions that external storms create within you are impure and will create anxiety and concern within you.

Well, remember this principle: pure emotion is a state of being, while impure emotion is the result of an external influence on being.

Now ask yourself: do the emotions that move me emerge from within or are the others to create them in me?

I am walking on the street and you insult me . If I get angry , this is an impure emotion since you created it in me.

I am walking on the street, you show me respect and I am pleased : this is an impure emotion since you created it in me.

If, on the other hand, my inner state remains unchanged , the same as before the insult or compliment – and it doesn’t matter if you cursed or praised me – this is pure emotion because you didn’t create it, it’s mine .

So what is mine is pure, what is generated from the outside is impure , it is a reaction, an echo.

So remember this first principle : emotion should emerge from within. It shouldn’t be a reaction , it should be a state of your being .

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